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104 of the Best Free Content Marketing Case Studies Online

3.8 Million Pageviews / 28,000 Social Shares

According to the sub-header of this website, this is now content marketing case study number 104 that I’ve shared here on Detailed.

While this site doesn’t break any traffic records, there is a loyal following who come here for updates each day, so I really appreciate you following this journey.

Another example of a site sharing free resources comes from The Penny Hoarder, who shared 30 of the best freebies they’ve found online.

The post has been a smash hit, hitting almost four million pageviews (!) in just over a year, helped by almost 30,000 shares on social media channels (primarily Facebook).

While the topic definitely lends itself to their current audience – the site is about saving money – I still think it could work well in hundreds of different industries.

Find what people are giving away for free online that’s relevant to your niche and share it with your audience.

It doesn’t just have to be physical items — the second item on The Penny Hoarders list includes eBooks.

You could also include free trials of software or services that people might not know about.

This reminds me of an article from Speckyboy that picked up links from over 330 different websites, when they revealed the best free eBook’s in their niche.

If you don’t find the opportunity to create a list of freebies for your niche, maybe try eBooks-angle like SpeckyBoy did and test the reaction to that.

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