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Utilising thirteen years of hands on, SEO experience

None of that '500 years combined' rubbish. Here's a sample of what we've done for ourselves...
First page for 'DJ Equipment' and 'DJ Forums'

The success of ranking my first website, MyDJSpace, was why I fell in love with SEO.

First page for 'Personal Development' and 'Personality Development'

With 70,000+ combined monthly searches, they helped create a top ten personal development blog we later sold.

First Page for 'Wordpress SEO'

There are few rankings more difficult than competing with other SEOs. This is no exception.

A Six-Figure Wordpress Plugin (and much more)

We created OptinSkin, the first ever plugin that allowed customisation of blog opt-in forms.

wrapkit The awesome Duane Forrester, former SEO at Microsoft, now VP at Yext, using our data in a presentation (right side graphic).

Some people have kindly shared our story...

It took a long time to get to this point.

"teaches a system he uses to have websites appear on top of the organic Google search results".

"from a young age he developed an expertise in search engine optimisation".

"20 of the most important SEO blogs online"

"Allsopp believes that if your business is in any way reliant on Facebook, then you have to stick with it unless you are really going to go all in another platform"

"In just six days, the first episode of his newly released podcast was downloaded more than 18,000 times"

"stoked the Internet into a frenzy of imitation, complete with handy guides explaining how you, too, can get in on the gold"

We track what works, 24/7, and share our findings for free

Ranking for a popular search term is cool. Doing it over and over is much more fun.
Our link index finds 90,000+ links per day

See who's talking about the web's biggest sites, here.

We index 1 million+ tweets per month

If you want to find influencers, this is the best tool to do it.

Detailed Radar keeps you in the know

Rank tracking and more, it's all here.

wrapkit Actual links we've built to Detailed in 2018.

Working one-on-one with companies looking to grow

In the trenches, day after day, helping smart people grow their search traffic
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1,050 Ranked Sites
90,000+ Links Discovered Daily
3,548 Documented Dream Backlinks

Data-driven insights and analysis on the world of SEO.

We're full-time search analysts who test and track what works then share our findings.

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