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This Author Wrote a “Guest Post” for Amazon and Attracted 15,000 New Email Subscribers

I'm not sure why I've never tried this myself...

As someone who wrote up to 30 articles a month for other websites back when I was promoting a personal development blog, I thought I knew of all the best places to share my work.

What I’ve never considered is using Amazon as a platform for my free content, even though I see so many others doing the same.

After learning how giving away free content on Amazon helped one writer attract 15,000 new email subscribers in just six months, I need to rethink my marketing strategy.

Nick Stephenson helps authors get their first 10,000 readers, and decided to write some mammoth PDF’s to go into detail on the topic.

Nick created Kindle eBook’s which he markets as being “permanently free”, and got his work in front of Amazon’s massive audience.

One such example of Nick’s work is Reader Magnets, which (slightly ironically) helps people get more downloads from the Amazon Kindle store.

I’ve always viewed free Kindle books as not having much value, so I was surprised to see the number of reviews the 50-page book received.

If we estimate that just 1% of people leave a review after reading something – which is possibly even too high an estimation – that means this one eBook alone has likely been downloaded over 30,000 times.

Though the eBook was released back in 2014, it’s still picking up reviews in 2017.

I haven’t read Reader Magnets myself, but did notice a few reviewers were annoyed with Nick’s frequent mentions of his website, with one reviewer saying,

Just enough of a taste to entice the reader to purchase the email course, watch the videos, etc. This annoys me. I downloaded a book to read a book to learn- not to be sold to. Reading the book is just a lead magnet, and not much more.

The key to picking up email subscribers from Amazon is not just to make your eBook valuable, but to also give people an incentive to come and check out your website and find more information on the topic.

I think no matter how much value you give, some people will be a little annoyed by that. That said, the reviews for Nick’s work are overwhelmingly positive.

His main focus is on writing crime and suspense thrillers, where he’s used the same strategy multiple times to grow his author profile.

Although this was again written a few years ago, all of his free books are still receiving new reviews in 2017, showing that they’re still being downloaded en masse.

You can read more about his success and his download numbers in this interview with Side Hustle Nation.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what Kindle eBook you could give away in your niche, search the Amazon bookstore for any relevant keywords, then set the price filtering from low to high.

You’ll then see all of the books which are available for free.

After a search with the query ‘cooking’, I found this example that’s less than two months old yet has already picked up 41 reviews.

Amazon are estimated to have sold more than 50 million Kindle devices so there’s a huge audience to tap into if you can write something relevant to your industry.

If you’re not in the mood to undertake the task of writing a book (albeit a short one), you could curate blog posts you’ve already written and amend them so they flow from one to the next.

Once you’re ready to publish on Amazon, you might find value in this handy guide on turning a Microsoft Word document into something that’s formatted properly for Kindle devices.

What’s most exciting for me about this opportunity is that you can purchase ads on Amazon to promote your eBook as well.

If you spend time optimising your ads, you could get some incredibly cheap leads.

I don’t see a personal use for all of the ideas I share on Detailed, but I’ll definitely be giving this one a try.


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