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Automotive Marketing and Link Building Case Studies

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A Simple Reddit ‘Trick’ for When You Need Content Marketing Inspiration

The Power of Reddit

I’m slightly hesitant to write this article for two reasons. The first is that if you already know the ‘trick’, today’s update may feel a bit disappointing.

The second reason is because I have to admit that some days I have absolutely no idea what content to write for my own sites or my client sites that might get people talking.

To combat the first point, let me share another tip that you might not know about. If you add a ‘+’ to the end of a link you can see how many clicks it received. I still find them being used a lot on Youtube and Twitter and I’m always curious how big and active someone’s reach really is.

For example, New York Times World (@nytimesworld) has a link in their Twitter bio. If we add a ‘+’ to the end we get this, which shows that their profile link has been clicked over 17,000 times in October alone.

Getting back on topic…

Yesterday I was struggling to come up with some good content ideas in the automotive niche, and going through my usual tools of Ahrefs and BuzzSumo didn’t really give me much inspiration.

Fortunately, Reddit quickly came to the rescue. Or more specifically, Reddit’s ability to show you the most shared content from any domain, in any sub-Reddit.

As I was looking for inspiration in the automotive niche, I decided to check the top posts from Car (I once interviewed their founder).

All I did was go to and then I could instantly see the most shared posts from their site in any sub-Reddit.

To take it a step further, you can click on ‘Top’ and then ‘All Time’ to rank them by popularity. If you would like the URL, it looks like this:

You can do this for literally any website and likely find some good content inspiration (unless the site is really new).

This little trick is also useful for finding sub-Reddit’s that might be interested in your content as well if you’re looking for more traffic.

Sorry if this wasn’t new to you, but I really hope you enjoy it if it was.

Either way, Happy Halloween!

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This Automotive Website is Obsessed With Quizzes

4 million monthly visitors

Automotive enthusiast website Car Throttle, which reaches around 4 million visitors per month, have an entire section on their website dedicated to quizzes.

I’ve been involved in the automotive niche online myself and I can tell you that quizzes are some of the most popular content that Car Throttle share.

There’s a reason they have so many of them.

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