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Awards Marketing and Link Building Case Studies

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It Seems Like Every Member of the ‘Blawg 100’ Is Happy to Link Back

161,000 Backlinks / 560 Referring Domains

I’ve been doing quite a lot of link building in the law / legal niches lately and there’s one thing I keep seeing over and over again: Websites linking back to ABA Journals list of the top 100 bloggers in the space.

If you click on the Awards category in the sidebar of this site you won’t be surprised to see how lucrative hosting awards for your industry can be, but this example is perhaps the most successful I’ve seen yet.

While “just” 560 websites link to this internal page on the website, because those sites link from every page of their site, it has amassed over 160,000 backlinks.

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How Running A Premium Competition Can Win You More Than Prizes

14,000 Facebook Shares / 2,600 Backlinks

Almost 50 years ago, Andy Warhol famously said: “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”.

Today, it seems programs like American Idol and platforms like Instagram fulfill this prophecy every few days. And even if the fame is short-lived, the people who provide the opportunity still receive a lot of credit.

Popular Fitness magazine Men’s Health tapped into the enduring quest for fame with their “Ultimate Guy Search”. Since beginning in 2014, it has received over 14,000 Facebook shares and picked up 2,600 backlinks.

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How Incredibly Niche Award Ceremonies Can Attract A Lot of Links

5,800 backlinks / 1,000 referring domains / 9,000 facebook shares

The Lambda Literary Awards (or the Lammys for short) are a celebration of the best LGBT books of the year.

This is a great example of how niche your focus can be when deciding what to judge.

The Lammys have now celebrated their 29th annual awards show which feature some very big name sponsors such as Macy’s and HBO.

Although they celebrate such a specific market, they certainly haven’t gone unnoticed, picking up close to 5,800 backlinks from almost 1,000 referring domains.

Their awards have also been shared on Facebook over 9,000 times.

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The Condé Nast Awards Have Links from 1,400 Different Websites

12,200 backlinks / 1,400 referring domains

The Condé Nast traveler awards document the best new hotels in various locations.

Though they offer a number of specific awards, the main attraction is no doubt their award for the ‘best new hotels in the world’.

Condé Nast judges analyse hotels from over 50 different countries before revealing their 75 eventual winners.

Their more specific awards are targeted towards certain areas, so they also offer the ‘best hotel’ award in regions like North America, Europe and the Caribbean.

The awards page on their site alone has picked up 12,200 backlinks from over 1,400 referring domains.

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Congratulations! You’ve Just Won 115,000 Backlinks

115,000 backlinks / 6,000 referring domains

If there’s one angle that always seems to help sites attract links, it’s hosting awards.

USAToday’s provide 10 winning spots for their awards in a variety of ‘readers choice’ categories.

10 Best have a panel of travel experts who select 20 award nominees for categories such as food, accommodation, destinations and equipment.

It’s then left up to the audience to choose the winners by casting their votes online.

Due to the large variety of topics to vote on, this section has clearly peaked the interest of people and businesses alike, shown by the 115,000 backlinks to their awards page from almost 6,000 different websites.

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