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I Have Way Too Many Ideas to Replicate The Success of This Side Project

148,000 Facebook Likes, 1,450 Referring Domains

While I really liked yesterday’s case study, I did struggle to come up with some great ideas to replicate it.

That’s not the case with, a side project designed to quite simply let you know how long you spent binge watching something, or how long it will take to binge watch something.

The site went viral on Facebook and picked up links from almost 1,500 websites, so while it’s something I’m not sure people will keep coming back to, its fun enough from at least one use to share with others.

And as that’s the case, it makes it really easy to think of some other variations of this that could also work.

You could create a site for runners where they enter their times for a certain race (say, a 5K) and it predicts how long it would take them to run a marathon.

You could ask a blogger to enter their average writing speed and then predict how long it would take the, to write a 1,000 word article.

Don’t just make it obvious and base the answer on 1,000 divided by their typing speed. Add in real numbers like how long people tend to spend editing and inserting links and images as well.

You could let someone enter how many hours they sleep per night and then their age, and show them how much of their life in years they’ve spent in dream land.

Let people enter their country country and then a dream destination and show how long it would take to walk there (just for fun) if they don’t have the funds to travel just yet.

To take it further you could let them pick different odd types of transport (horse, surf board, skateboard) and make time predictions for those as well.

What about a site called ‘When Will It Be?’ that automatically determines someones location and then allows them to pick options like Raining, Sunny, Snowing and Warmer and gives estimations based on weather charts from past years. does something a little similar.

I know I got a little carried away with this one – and let’s be honest, not all of the ideas are great – but it was fun to think about.

Now it’s your turn.

Could you build something based on time that gets people talking?

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