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Five ____: Fill in the Blank for an Incredible Side Project Idea

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It’s funny. I have over 300 content marketing case studies in my spreadsheet to write about here at Detailed, and then I find a cool site on Twitter and it instantly jumps to the front of my publishing queue.

That’s what happened today when my friend Rob shared, a site with the simple aim of sharing the five best books on (literally) any topic.

The site has picked up 117,000 links from over fifteen hundred websites, and has faired well on social media with the homepage picking up 4,000 Facebook likes as well.

You can check out the site to learn more about it, but what I’ve said about really is as much as you need to know to ‘get’ the concept.

When I said they cover literally any category, I meant it. The site lists the five best books about not only the obvious topics you would expect, but also:

  • Denmark
  • New Orleans
  • Young Adult Literature
  • Leonardo Da Vinci

Yep, they have a page dedicated to the five best books written about Leonardo Da Vinci.

As you can imagine, it’s also pretty easy to see how you could apply this to other niches and ideas.

A few possible side projects from the top of my head include:

  • The five best eBooks on any topic
  • The five best articles on any topic
  • The five best games on any topic
  • The five best coupons / promos on any item
  • The five best blogs on any topic

I’m sure you can get even more creative than me.

After spending a lot of time doing link research for deals sites recently, I really love the fourth one on that list. These sites can make an incredible amount of money.

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