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Detailed 3.0: A Slightly New Approach Starting From Next Week

I'm Getting There...Eventually

They say that if you aren’t making mistakes, you probably aren’t pushing yourself hard enough.

It’s fair to say that I’ve made a few mistakes in the short history that has been online. While I would have liked to have launched this site with the perfect ‘approach’ in mind, this daily project of mine has involved an absolutely huge learning curve.

You may know that Detailed started with the aim to become a daily blog and podcast on content marketing case studies that I constantly find each day. Even though there are now over 125 successful examples on this site, my spreadsheet of things to write about still has more than 300 rows in it.

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How to Copy the Success of The Best Article I Read Last Month

Hundreds of Tweets from 'Influencers'

The post is so new that I don’t have any impressive statistics to share, but I’ve saw a number of ‘big names’ posting this on Twitter (as did I) that I had to share it here.

The article is so good that I’m going to link to it right now so you don’t have to click that little grey external link icon if you so please.

It’s fair to say that the premise is simple, but not fair to say that writing the post was easy. Author, Will Hoekenga, put together an in-depth post highlighting the copy and design lessons you can learn from 13 years of homepages.

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I Purchased an $80 Plugin Today Because of Content Marketing

It's Easy to Forget Why We Do This

While I put in a lot of hours to make sure that Detailed updates highlight side projects, blog posts and tools that picked up a lot of traffic and links, it’s easy to forget what they’re all for: To make more sales.

There’s no point in getting tens of thousands of people to your website (like getting on the homepage of Reddit) if they aren’t actually going to purchase, subscribe, promote or at least bookmark your content for future reference.

Today I headed over to the Wordfence blog – a company I trust to secure my WordPress websites – for advice on managing WordPress backups.

As Detailed Pro begins to grow, I wanted to make sure we have multiple levels of backups (it’s not installed on the same place as as our data is becoming increasingly valuable by the day.

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My One-Page Website That Reached 9,000 People On Its First Day of Launch

9,000 uniques / homepage of hacker news

A few days ago I wrote about someone who created the world’s pinkest pink and went viral by refusing to sell it to the rights holder of the world’s blackest black.

If you can take advantage of something that other people will get behind – lots of artists didn’t like just one person owning the blackest black – then you too have a chance of going viral.

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I Created Another Free Tool to Find Twitter Influencers

This one is great for Twitter ad campaigns

Today I’m sharing another free tool which is infinitely more simple, but has been incredibly valuable to me.

I can sum up what the tool does in one sentence: It allows you to find who any Twitter user talks to the most.

That might not seem very useful, but consider these three points:

  • If you can’t get an ‘influencers’ attention, you can get the attention of the people they closely follow instead
  • You can find other big players in any niche you may wish to connect with
  • You can run hyper-focused Twitter ad campaigns on a much larger set of people

If that sounds interesting to you…

You can go directly to the tool here: Find Twitter Influencers

You can read my tutorial here: Twitter Influencers Tutorial

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My Free Twitter Tool Finds Influencers to Promote Your Content

Here's a detailed example of how well it can work

A few weeks ago I launched two free Twitter tools to (mostly) coincide with the launch of Detailed.

The feedback was really positive, but my business partner Dirk let me know I probably should have explained what they do a little better.

I assumed most people would just ‘get’ the idea behind them, but he was right. I needed a tutorial.

If you missed it the first time around..

Here’s a link to the tool: Search and Extract Twitter Users.

Here’s a link to the tutorial: Find Twitter Influencers

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The Side-Project Which Picked Up 3,000 Backlinks Last Month

Links from ProductHunt, Smashing Magazine and more...

Benjamin Libor & Sidney Ottelohe created SpreadShare, a community-curated website where people can upload spreadsheets that are useful for startups and business professionals.

Some spreadsheets which are popular on the site right now include:

  • Open Chatbot: An open list of chatbot influencers connecting to meet up
  • London Coworking: A list of co-working spaces, hotels, cafes and other in London
  • Bangalore Startups: A list of Bangalore startup people

There’s a clear focus on resources for those in the marketing world.

If you would like to read my more in-depth thoughts on this site, you can do so here.

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The Beautiful Guide That Gained Helpscout 8,000+ Backlinks

8,000 backlinks / 1,890 referring domains

Helpscout are one of the biggest companies on the planet to help you manage customer service emails in one place.

They put together an article on “75 customer service stats, quotes and statistics”, which the marketing web shared like crazy.

Since they’re in the business of customer service, it also had the potential to send them a lot of new users.

I believe a key part of why this did so well is because it’s really beautiful, and they made the content incredibly easy to digest.

Could you do the same for a relevant topic in your niche?

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The Incredibly Successful Newsletter That Promotes Their ‘Competition’

Hundreds of 'Thank You' tweets every fortnight

There are some companies who have figured out how to provide regular value to their subscribers without having to put in too much effort to create great content.

Their strategy may just surprise you: They send readers the best content their ‘competitors’ have to offer.

When you work so hard to grow your own audience, that might seem like a foolish idea. On the surface, you would be right.

But when you dig a little deeper there are two surprising benefits to this practice:

  • You’re quickly seen as an authority in your niche for having such a grasp of the space
  • You provide a genuine resource that makes people look forward to each update

The ‘Top 10‘ newsletter from SEO software provider, Moz, is a great example of this.

Their bi-weekly newsletter shares the 10 best online marketing articles from around the website.

It’s easy to think they’re crazy to give eyeballs to other websites, but you would be missing a key point: Sharing the best marketing content helps to position Moz as a leader in the niche.

And, of course, people truly enjoy the newsletter.

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Tim Ferriss’ Most Linked-to Blog Post of 2016

257 referring domains / 3,000+ Facebook shares

With over 100 million podcast downloads in 2016 – and having already passed 150 million total downloads in 2017 – Tim Ferriss is no stranger to creating content that people enjoy.

That’s why I find it so interesting his most linked-to blog post slash podcast episode last year was an interview with marketing author, Seth Godin.

Not to take anything away from Seth — I’ve devoured his books over the years — but when Tim has interviewed some of Hollywood’s most admired actors, it’s surprising to see a non-A-list celebrity top the list.

There could be a logical explanation as to why Seth’s post was the most linked-to: He appeals to a marketing audience which have a greater ability and likelihood to link to something, rather than say…fans of Jamie Foxx.

I do think there’s a reason this particular episode was so popular: Tim asked Seth questions he doesn’t typically get asked.

Instead of talking about how to promote something – a common line of interest from interviewers – Tim asked Seth about his daily routines, how he stays productive and what keeps him motivated.

If you’re looking to apply the factors of why this was so popular to your own marketing ventures, here are the two steps involved:

  • Interview someone in your industry who is typically hard to reach
  • Ask them questions they don’t typically get asked

The first bullet-point alone might be enough for creating something that people share in the masses.

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