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Why I Cancelled Tomorrow’s Big Article (And Why You Should, Too)

Netflix use crucial holidays to launch new TV shows

If you joined me on the podcast yesterday, you will have heard that I have a huge article I planned to share tomorrow (Monday the 3rd).

Today I decided to cancel that plan, because of a huge holiday I forgot about.

Independence Day.

I’m not American so I’ll still be working as usual, but when over half of your audience hails from the United States, you probably don’t want to share something important when most of them won’t be online.

Luckily I asked on Twitter, as I still thought Monday would have been OK to share it

If you click on the date on the tweet above you can see the replies.

I hadn’t considered that many people will have taken Monday off work so they can have a “long holiday”.

I’ve been told I should probably wait the whole week, but I’m 99% sure I’ll still go live with my big post on Wednesday.

I cover a lot of content marketing case studies on this site, but it’s important to also tell you that there are better times to share something than others.

Another personal example comes around product launches.

You shouldn’t start or end a product launch just before the end of a month.

This is especially true if you’re selling a high-ticket item.

Why? Quite simply, people haven’t been paid, so they’re going to more likely hold back on purchasing if their funds are running low.

You likely already know that you shouldn’t promote anything important on a weekend due to fewer people being online, but you might not know I almost never want to share a big story on a Friday either.

This may be a misconception based on how my office-life went when I lived in South Africa, but I think on Friday’s that people’s “focus isn’t quite there” with many looking forward to the weekend and thinking about their plans.

I recently came across an interesting thread on Reddit where people summised that Netflix had specifically chosen to launch a new show on Valentines Day.

It was interesting to read the replies. Many of which don’t think that the date of the series launching was at all coincidental.

The key here being that when you share something can almost be as important as what you share.

You can also make content relevant for specific holidays like April Fools, Halloween and major sporting events.

While there are a lot of studies out there on the best times to post on social media and when to send emails, I’ll save my thoughts on those for another post.

To sum up my key points:

  • Be careful of national or international holidays or ‘days’ before sharing something
  • Never share anything serious (that’s more important than normal) on a Friday
  • Don’t start or end product launches just before the end of a month

Just an easy one today as it’s Sunday, but do be sure you don’t try to make anything go viral tomorrow as your potential audience will be severely limited.

I hope you had a great weekend.


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