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Monthly Traffic Value

Two-Year-Old Site. Monthly Traffic Value of $461,000

This Amazon review site is just over two years old and yet already dominating its niche and rankings reaching an estimated 224,000 search visitors per month.

In our detailed case study we look at how they've changed their content strategy over the years and the type of backlink they purposefully pick up weekly.

From my perspective, they've greatly over-optimised a particular part of their on-site SEO but it doesn't appear to be hurting them.

We haven't left out a single detail in this over 2,500 word report on what they're doing to dominate Google so quickly.

Stats updated December 2nd 2017 via SEMRush

$463K +8%222K +1%679
Traffic ValueOrganic TrafficReferring Domains
$93.7K46.4K -2K232
Traffic ValueOrganic TrafficReferring Domains

8 Month-Old Site. Monthly Traffic Value of $93,700

How is an eight-month-old website already pulling in six-figures worth of search traffic? That's what I set to find out in this case study.

The first thing that struck me was how much traffic the site was pulling in with (relatively) few backlinks.

The niche they chose, revealed inside, is a primary reason for that, but they also picked up links from some of the biggest brands on the internet.

A single article with a clever angle caught the attention of their space and will give them a link foundation solid enough to rank for years from now.

In this case study I also go into massive depth on their on-site SEO, content creation tactics and why this young site will be hard to catch for their much older competition.

Stats updated December 2nd 2017 via Ahrefs

New Link Building Angle. 300,000+ Monthly Visitors from Google

This is without a doubt my favourite case study so far, as it features a link building angle I have never seen before, which is pretty rare.

The owners of this site have done a really smart take on a common tactic, and totally changed the audience they're targeting.

This tactic can work well in literally hundreds of different niches, and I hope Detailed Pro members (ethically) take advantage of that.

The site is just over two years old, generates revenue primarily through affiliate commissions, and has a really interesting content strategy I think you'll be surprised by.

Stats updated December 2nd 2017 via SEMRush

$342K345K -2%1.1K
Traffic ValueOrganic TrafficReferring Domains

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