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This Daily Deals Site Reaches 7.5 Million Gamers Each Month

7.5 million monthly visitors

One of the reasons I felt I had to update the structure of Detailed is because I keep finding great examples for topics I’ve already written about.

For instance, I’ve already written about building niche deals websites, but then I came across which might just be the best case study yet.

Reaching over 7 million gamers each month, Chrono is special example to me because they only share one deal per day.

In fact, they brand their entire website around the deals that they offer.

As I write this the current deal is 60% off a game, bringing it from $24.99 to just $10.

More recently I’ve seen examples where a game has literally gone from $50 to $5, just for 24 hours on the website.

It makes sense for developers to do these kind of once off deals as their raise awareness by reaching a massive audience, and it makes sense for gamers to check out the site as they might get a great deal on a game they’ve been waiting for.

If it makes sense to run a niche-deals website for your specific industry, click on the ‘Deals’ category tag below for more inspiration.

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