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How to Copy the Success of The Best Article I Read Last Month

Hundreds of Tweets from 'Influencers'

The post is so new that I don’t have any impressive statistics to share, but I’ve saw a number of ‘big names’ posting this on Twitter (as did I) that I had to share it here.

The article is so good that I’m going to link to it right now so you don’t have to click that little grey external link icon if you so please.

It’s fair to say that the premise is simple, but not fair to say that writing the post was easy. Author, Will Hoekenga, put together an in-depth post highlighting the copy and design lessons you can learn from 13 years of homepages.

Will went into massive detail on what the site looked like and how it had changed over the years through an interactive slideshow.

It helped that he picked such a great site to analyse – Basecamp make a lot of big changes to their site on a frequent basis – but the task took a lot of time and effort.

Another reason I like the example so much is because it’s something you could model in a number of different industries.

Who could you ‘tear down’ and share all of the secrets and why they’ve done what they’ve done over the years?

It might be a lot of work, but this method is a sure-fire way of making yourself look like an expert overnight.

If you’re in design could you analyse the transformation of the Dyson hoover?

If you’re into marketing could you analyse what has and hasn’t worked for McDonald’s over the years?

If you’re into golf could you analyse the progression of the swings that professionals have modeled over the years?

Make sure you give Will’s post a look to really ‘get’ this concept, and then see how you can apply it to your own field.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be tweeting your article as well.

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