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The Powerful Reason This Site Has 741,000 Links From Just 494 Sites

741,000 Backlinks / 1,700 Facebook Shares

When I started out online, before there was Facebook and Twitter, I would browse message boards (forums) on topics I was interested in.

Message boards back then allowed people to include images and links in the signature of your posts – and many still do – that people would use to share details on their life.

One popular thing people would add to their forum signatures were countdowns, to certain milestones in life.

One example of a site that allows you to create these kind of countdowns is Countdown My Pregnancy, which sees hundreds of women each year add their widget to their blog to highlight when their new arrival is due.

While Countdown My Pregnancy offers more than just a widget women can add to their sites, the widgets are responsible for almost all of the links the site has picked up.

These widgets tend to get added to a footer or sidebar so they appear on every page of a site — hence the huge number of links they’ve picked up from relatively few websites.

While you do have to be careful about link building with widgets, you could still include branding on them that creates recognition for your site and your other projects.

Another example of a more generic countdown site is

They don’t focus on a specific niche but rather give people a unique URL on their site that they can keep coming back to.

If you’re worried about potential issues with Google, this could be the solution for you to build a side project and offer something cool to your audience.

As with other tool ideas I’ve shared here on Detailed, I honestly couldn’t see this costing more than a $100-200 to put together from a programmer on Upwork.

While creating a countdown timer for people might not be the sexiest side project you can build, they do have their place, and you can associate positive emotions (like giving birth) with your brand.

Some other niche-specific countdown timers you could build include:

  • Countdown to a first marathon
  • Countdown to having been Vegan for 30 days
  • Countdown to getting married
  • Countdown to a big holiday
  • Countdown to Xmas

And on the list goes.

If there could be a relevant countdown your audience would be interested in, I suggest you head over to Upwork before another reader here beats you to it.

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