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Curation Marketing and Link Building Case Studies

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Hey Designer Shows How Even The Simplest Ideas Can Pick Up Links

966 Backlinks

Though I’ve shared a number of content curation success stories on this site, it still surprises me how well it can work.

Hey Designer put together a separate blog-like page on their website which simply curates the best resources related to Flexbox — a framework for web designers.

Despite its simplicity, the page has picked up 966 links from some of the biggest sites in their niche like, and even the official site,

If you’re in a niche that is saturated with content on the same topic, this could be your chance to not only add value, but stand out in your space as well.

The best part is that you can reach out to everyone you’ve linked to and let them know about the page as well.

Some other examples of how you could replicate this idea include:

  • A curated collection of the best keyword research resources (SEO)
  • A curated collection of the best guides on where to go in Japan (Travel / Tourism)
  • A curated collection of the best homebrewing beer guides (Drink / Lifestyle)
  • A curated collection of the best curated collections (Internet Marketing)

OK I’m joking with the last one. Maybe.

Keep the design clean and simple and be sure to include a solid number of sources so that your offering has more value and you have a greater number of webmasters to tell about it.

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This Seasonal School Website Absolutely Dominated Google for Three Months

3.5 Million Visitors in a Single Month

Though I like looking into the SEO success of other websites, I don’t want to reveal too much about today’s success story.

I don’t think it’s fair if they suddenly get a lot of competition from my post, so instead don’t see this as a site to copy, but view it as proof that there’s a lot of traffic to be had if you focus on a seasonal topic. went from practically no traffic to over 3 million visitors per month recently, no doubt helped by the number of children going back to school and not knowing what items to bring with them.

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This Free and Open Website Reaches 6 Million Monthly Visitors

6 Million Monthly Visitors / 4.5 Million Backlinks

I honestly think that if you came across the website I’m about to share with you randomly, you wouldn’t stick around for long.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but it looks a bit plain and simple, and the kind of website that torrents PDF’s of books so you don’t have to purchase them.

Because I found them when looking through SimilarWeb data, I was able to learn they reach six million monthly visitors before clicking away from the site, which encouraged me to dig deeper.

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Curate the Free eBooks in Your Niche to Get People Talking

330 referring domains

I recently put together an in-depth post on how one design blogger picked up links from 330 different websites by curating the best free ebooks in their niche.

They put together a list of “50 Free eBooks for Web Designers” and linked out to their peers.

This simple article does quite a few things:

  • It sends traffic to other sites so they’ll notice you in their analytics data
  • You have a genuine reason to reach out to other ‘players’ in your niche
  • Your audience gets a ton of value as they only click on the eBooks that interest them
  • You show authority by having a great understanding of sites in your industry

I think the reason I don’t have more examples of this is because people are scared to link out to others in their space.

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The Incredibly Successful Newsletter That Promotes Their ‘Competition’

Hundreds of 'Thank You' tweets every fortnight

There are some companies who have figured out how to provide regular value to their subscribers without having to put in too much effort to create great content.

Their strategy may just surprise you: They send readers the best content their ‘competitors’ have to offer.

When you work so hard to grow your own audience, that might seem like a foolish idea. On the surface, you would be right.

But when you dig a little deeper there are two surprising benefits to this practice:

  • You’re quickly seen as an authority in your niche for having such a grasp of the space
  • You provide a genuine resource that makes people look forward to each update

The ‘Top 10‘ newsletter from SEO software provider, Moz, is a great example of this.

Their bi-weekly newsletter shares the 10 best online marketing articles from around the website.

It’s easy to think they’re crazy to give eyeballs to other websites, but you would be missing a key point: Sharing the best marketing content helps to position Moz as a leader in the niche.

And, of course, people truly enjoy the newsletter.

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