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Dating & Relationships Marketing and Link Building Case Studies

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The Powerful Reason This Site Has 741,000 Links From Just 494 Sites

741,000 Backlinks / 1,700 Facebook Shares

When I started out online, before there was Facebook and Twitter, I would browse message boards (forums) on topics I was interested in.

Message boards back then allowed people to include images and links in the signature of your posts – and many still do – that people would use to share details on their life.

One popular thing people would add to their forum signatures were countdowns, to certain milestones in life.

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The Number One Sign You’re Getting Better at Promoting Content

72,000 Facebook Likes / 1,830 Backlinks

Eight years ago when I started a personal development blog, two of the people I quickly came to really like in the space were Marc and Angel from

While they don’t go into the type of depth I tend to enjoy reading these days, their site is a great resource for uplifting content, no matter which area of life you’re struggling with.

A few years ago they went live with 9 Good Signs You’re in the Right Relationship, which quickly went viral on Facebook (72,000 likes) and picked up over 1,800 backlinks.

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Here’s Why You Should Recommend Netflix Shows to Your Niche

1,100 Pins for a Brand new article

With Netflix having amassed almost 100 million subscribers, with over 50 million in the US alone, there’s likely to be a huge overlap between your own audience and people who use the service.

The Dating Divas took advantage of these numbers by writing about the top 50 Netflix shows for couples.

It was quickly pinned more than 1,000 times on Pinterest which is more impressive when most of them were picked up within the first week of this article going live.

Could you put together a list of the best shows on Netflix for your industry?

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