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Automotive: 434 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

The automotive world went crazy when the team of Top Gear joined Amazon's newest venture into video production which brought us The Grand Tour.

What few webmasters could have predicted is that The Grand Tour actively looks for new writers for their site, in both free and paid positions.

If you're a gearhead (their words) and like writing, this could be the platform to help you get noticed.

Currently our second biggest category (partly because we operate in this niche ourselves), if you're in the Automotive space, these are the opportunities you need.


Beauty: 154 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

How is an eight-month-old website already pulling in six-figures worth of search traffic? That's what I set to find out in this case study.

The first thing that struck me was how much traffic the site was pulling in with (relatively) few backlinks.

The niche they chose, revealed inside, is a primary reason for that, but they also picked up links from some of the biggest brands on the internet.

A single article with a clever angle caught the attention of their space and will give them a link foundation solid enough to rank for years from now.

In this case study I also go into massive depth on their on-site SEO, content creation tactics and why this young site will be hard to catch for their much older competition.


Business & Marketing: 414 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities is a human-curated list of the best articles in business and marketing, updated a few times per week.

If you have good content and it's relevant to the niche, you can use their 'submit link' option to have your article reviewed and possibly shared.

There is nothing to "game" and no way to force yourself on the list. Just a real opportunity if you write content the owner likes.

If you run a SaaS company, sell products or services or blog and want to get in front of more business and marketing enthusiasts, you'll love the more than 400 opportunities inside Detailed Pro.


Careers: 191 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Top Resume is the largest resume writing service in the world helped in part by their websites abundance of career-related advice.

The site pulls in in huge traffic numbers due to the practical articles on topics such as building a resume, networking, salary negotiation and tips when searching for jobs.

If you have experience in this field, you can submit your own content to appear on the site as a guest post which they're very open to; allowing you to introduce your writing to a new audience.

TopResume is just one of the many career industry sites we display in Detailed Pro that can really help you to get your brand noticed in this field.


Cryptocurrency: 191 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

With heightened interest, following and investments in the cryptocurrency space, we simply had to create a database to house the opportunities we’ve uncovered.

Coinschedule is just one of the sites that presents the chance for exposure of any brand in this niche.

Not only do they offer advertising in the form of content or banner ads, they're also open to guest contributions from those with an expertise in any aspect of cryptocurrency.


Design & Development: 436 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Designer News brings together a community of those with a shared interest in design and development with a Reddit-like interface.

As with Reddit, users can submit and vote on the best content. The top stories (as decided by the community) can receive a lot of targeted traffic.

Great content is rewarded, while attempting to game the system is actively discouraged (from us as well).

If you have the content, there's a waiting audience.


Fashion: 85 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Jo-Lynne Shane is an accidental fashion blogger, who now utilises her site to share tips and opinions on all things beauty and fashion.

The site has built up a very engaged audience, with articles receiving an impressive amount of interaction from the hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors.

Jo-Lynne encourages those in the fashion industry to share their own work on the site through guest posting opportunities.

Many types of fashion products are also reviewed, giving another opportunity to enhance your brand or product reach to a targeted audience.

The large traffic numbers of the websites within the Detailed Pro fashion database are testament to the ability of these site to capture the imagination of their audience.


Finance: 418 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

The finance database we've compiled is by far our most comprehensive.

We showcase sites that allow you to receive industry relevant links and recognition, including big sites like Rockstar Finance.

Their directory links out to almost 1,500 of the best financial resources online.

There is also an engaging forum on the site which allows you to support and build a relationship with those who could well be potential customers of your brand.


Food & Cooking: 154 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Chowhound, a food resource website launched in 1997, which has since grown to over half a million visitors per month.

The site offers a number of great opportunities for food brands to grow their reach.

This includes a forum of food enthusiasts who have contributed to thousands of discussion, guest posting and business partnership opportunities.

Any of these could well prove beneficial in growing both the number of backlinks and website traffic you receive.

Many of the sites featured in our database boast large and engaging audiences of food professionals and enthusiasts that you could reach.


Health & Fitness: 400 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Healthiack brings a daily dose of health information to its large reader base.

The site encourages those with experience in health related topics to write for the site and introduce your brand to the 100k+ monthly visitors.

Sites like Healthiak can also provide a great form of content inspiration as they show the number of times the articles have been shared online.

If you are looking for article suggestions, then finding out what was and currently is hot, can provide some great ideas for your own site.

Our health and fitness database provides opportunities for those looking to put their niche relevant site in front of some passionate webmasters and their audiences.


Language Learning: 102 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Polyglot Club is a language learning community, used by people all over the word, interested in learning languages.

The site allows visitors to submit their own language resource to the links page. There is also the opportunity to build meaningful and constructive relationships via the popular discussions on the site.

If you have an event or a publication to showcase to a targeted audience, then Polyglot will allow you to do just that.

Our database of language related sites can provide you with a great way of introducing your brand to a passionate set of viewers.


Law: 153 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Law Depot supplies legal documents for things like real estate, finance and business to it’s 1MM+ monthly visitors.

Not only can visitors discover great content ideas through the most popular content section. There are also ways to introduce your own brand to their audience.

With guest posting on the site encouraged, you could showcase your own work to entice visitors to your site, and raise your brand profile at the same time.

The legal sites featured in our database are visited by both professionals and customers looking for advice. With that said there are some great opportunities to drive relevant traffic and links to your website.


Parenting: 185 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Whilst many of the parenting sites we have included in our database are focused on a specific aspect of parenting, such as sleeping or feeding.

CafeMom treat their hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to a wide range of parenting topics.

Getting your own presence in front of this audience could prove incredibly beneficial, and there are a number of ways of doing so.

The site has a forum, in which you could contribute real value, whilst supporting other members of the community. This could help to position your brand as a leader in this field.

CafeMom also allows guest post contributors to the site, presenting an opportunity for you to showcase your knowledge and writing talents to a new audience.


Photography: 156 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

When building the photography database for Detailed Pro, it was soon evident that the photography community was both incredibly passionate and engaged.

The audience of Photography Life are no exception.

The articles on the site often attract dozens upon dozens of comments from their hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors.

Photography Life showcases the latest news, reviews, techniques and tutorials for all things photography.

You have the opportunity to develop a relationship with the site’s readers via guest posting on the website. This can showcase your own talent and writing style, and entice people to your own resource.

The forum is another please to join in meaningful discussions and add value, to really position yourself as an industry expert.

Whilst not the largest niche category we have, we certainly feel it’s one of the most interactive.


Travel: 419 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Do It Yourself RV helps visitors with practical advice and interesting facts about mobile living.

The articles on the site cover a wide range of topics, which are popular with the 300k+ visitors per month.

As with many of the travel sites that we have featured in the database, they encourage other writers in the travel niche to share their thoughts and expertise in the form of a guest post.

If you wish to pass on your knowledge and introduce your brand to a new audience, then contributing to the site could be a great way of building rapport with others.

Our database contains sites in all aspects of travel including flying, hotels, food and inspiring locations.


Weddings: 155 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Do you own a resource in the Wedding niche? Despite this being a fiercely competitive niche, we’ve found some fantastic link and traffic opportunities to put your brand in front of your perfect audience.

As a source of inspiration for brides-to-be, Something Turquoise is just one example. As well as tutorials and ideas, the site features a number of other wedding based business’ listed as resources on the site.

There is also the opportunity to submit your own photos and guest posts.

If you can showcase your knowledge and value to the hundreds of thousands of visitors, this could well raise the profile of your own brand.

We’re proud of the number of real opportunities we are able to highlight within the wedding industry.

This is not just a list of links. It took over one million words to describe these incredible opportunities.

We're called Detailed for a reason.
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