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Here’s Why You Should Be the First to Build a ‘Pocket Guide’ For Your Niche

200 Referring Domains / 3,000 Facebook Shares

If you’ve been involved in your niche online for even just a few weeks, it’s likely you’ve found a few common questions that pop-up, or even the most commonly referenced sources for answering them.

Today’s example shows how you could build a side-project to create a resource for your industry that people might not know they need…until you make it for them.

When Benedikt Lehnert created A Pocket Guide To Master Every Day’s Typographic Adventure it started gaining traction overnight and has since received 3,000 Facebook shares and links from over 200 different websites.

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I Couldn’t Copy McSweeney’s Before, But I Possibly Could Now

4,800 Facebook Likes in One Week

A few weeks ago I wrote about how satire has the potential to make your site go viral, but you have to be careful when pulling it off.

One of the examples I used in the post was from McSweeney’s, who wrote a satirical article about only hiring employees who are twenty-three years old.

This month they’re at it again, with a different approach.

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This Opportunity to Be an Industry Leader Didn’t Exist 12 Months Ago

18,789 members

If you want to build a community online, what do you do? Start a Facebook group? Create a forum? Maybe start a weekly discussion around a Twitter hashtag?

But there is another option: Create the Slack channel for your niche.

Slack wasn’t really a ‘thing’ a few years ago, and the idea to create a Slack channel for a community was barely possible a year ago, so this is a fresh opportunity to put yourself front and center of a growing trend.

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My One-Page Website That Reached 9,000 People On Its First Day of Launch

9,000 uniques / homepage of hacker news

A few days ago I wrote about someone who created the world’s pinkest pink and went viral by refusing to sell it to the rights holder of the world’s blackest black.

If you can take advantage of something that other people will get behind – lots of artists didn’t like just one person owning the blackest black – then you too have a chance of going viral.

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When Pigs Fly: A Bacon Fueled Text-Generator With Over 9,500 Backlinks

9,000 backlinks / 1,200 referring domains

If you’ve ever built a website before, you may be familiar with something called Lorem Ipsum. It’s best thought of as placeholder text to put in different areas of a site before the real copy is finished.

There are a number of generators of this text which let you select how many words or paragraphs you’re looking for, but there’s also some pretty funny competition.

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An Incredible Story of Filling a Gap in the Market: The Pinkest Pink

Links from, and thousands of orders.

Have you ever heard of Vantablack? It’s said to be the blackest black there can possibly be.

In scientific terms, “Vantablack is composed of a series of microscopic vertical tubes. When light strikes Vantablack, it becomes trapped instead of bouncing off and is continually deflected between the tubes.”

There’s more to the Vantablack story than an impressive scientific breakthrough however…

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Why You Should Create a ‘Shortcut Side Project’ for Your Niche

275 referring domains / 40,000 monthly visitors

My argument today is simple: If there’s a popular piece of software in your niche that many people use, create a side project site showing people the most popular shortcuts when using it.

That’s what Jeffrey and Robert did when they put together Sketch Shortcuts.

The site is both simple and valuable, and serves as a cheatsheet for those using the program.

To date, this one-page website has been linked to 709 times from 275 different websites.

According to SimilarWeb the site receives a consistent 40,000 visitors per month, which is incredible considering it’s really just a list of items.

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This One-Paragraph Website Reaches Up to 100,000 People Per Month

100,000 monthly visitors

Not only does valuable, free content get shared, but you can use it to establish your authority in a niche, funnel people towards your premium offerings and use it to entice people to join your email list.

That is exactly what have done with their side-project, Logodust.

Fairpixels uses Logodust to give away open-source logos and reaches up to 100,000 visitors a month.

This simple page has also been shared on Facebook more than 1,300 times.

This traffic is then funneled to two premium products – a “one off” logo service which they charge at least $400 for, and two monthly subscriptions priced $1,450 and $2,175 respectively.

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Curate the Free eBooks in Your Niche to Get People Talking

330 referring domains

I recently put together an in-depth post on how one design blogger picked up links from 330 different websites by curating the best free ebooks in their niche.

They put together a list of “50 Free eBooks for Web Designers” and linked out to their peers.

This simple article does quite a few things:

  • It sends traffic to other sites so they’ll notice you in their analytics data
  • You have a genuine reason to reach out to other ‘players’ in your niche
  • Your audience gets a ton of value as they only click on the eBooks that interest them
  • You show authority by having a great understanding of sites in your industry

I think the reason I don’t have more examples of this is because people are scared to link out to others in their space.

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How An Entrepreneur ‘Struggling to Survive’ Went Viral

600+ medium hearts / 100+ comments

If there’s one piece of content I’m really scared to write, it’s satire.

If you can write something convincingly enough that people know it’s fake but they have some doubts you can find people sharing your story like crazy.

I’ve written more about it here.

Recently, Hackernoon contributor Lucas Roitman wrote about struggling to survive on a $250,000 salary.

The reason I think the piece worked so well is that you think there’s something ‘off’ about it when you’re reading, but you have to keep going to see if your suspicions are correct.

It’s so possibly true that you aren’t quite sure if you’re reading a serious piece.

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