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News and insights on 441 brands behind 3,100 websites dominating Google

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you not tracking X brand?

Right now we privately track 441 brands, 267 of which can be defined as media goliaths.

Many of the networks share little to no public updates, so creating a page around them would get very stale, very quickly. There are also some niches we're not interested in covering, such as gambling.

Finally, there's a ton of work that goes into keeping this updated and I want to love what I do. If a brand is so hard to follow (like Warner Bros with their countless divisions) then it's just not fun for me and I would rather skip them.

How do I see all (or the interesting) updates without clicking every brand?

The best solution is to go to our homepage, where you'll see all the latest updates on the top left. We pretty much only share interesting updates there.

But if you want the really interesting updates, then our quarterly reports are for you. Our latest report, Detailed Q1, went semi-viral in the world of SEO and marketing.

Why shouldn't someone just read about these brands on Wikipedia?

There are so many updates I cover that would not be suitable for Wikipedia. Things like one of the world's largest tech blogs being redesigned, or publicly-listed Buzzfeed quietly shutting down a site that reached millions, or The Guardian acquiring 11 sites then redirecting them all to subdomains.

You get the idea, and that's hopefully our unique angle.

That said, Wikipedia is obviously a fantastic resource and they'll always outrank us for this stuff anyways.

There's no search traffic to be had for these terms, so why create these pages?

Alright, so nobody asked me this, but this is an SEO site so I should tackle it: Nobody searches for 'VerticalScope SEO' or 'VerticalScope Traffic' or [insert other digital goliath], it's true.

I created these pages because I track these brands privately anyways. I'm in a position with sites, clients and students massively reliant on search traffic, and I want to stay in the loop of what the "big boys" are doing. Especially in the age of AI.

If I can help satisfy someone else's curiosity in the process, then that's a big win. Once the pages are created, they're pretty easy to update E.g. Dotdash Meredith sharing the latest revenue numbers for the quarter is a 5-minute update (that I could outsource if I ever needed to).

Meet the man behind Detailed, Glen Allsopp

That's not me on the conference stage, but that is my work on the screen, presented by the Vice President of a $390M/year business (Yext).

I'm pretty proud of the work he's sharing: My deep-dive into how just 16 companies behind 500+ websites are dominating Google's search results. Here's the link if you're curious.

I've been writing about SEO since I was 16 years old, and now at 33 I've advised some of the biggest brands on the internet like Ahrefs, ConvertKit, Buffer, Kinsta and many more.

Over a single 12 month period alone we've helped our clients acquire millions of extra visitors from Google.

Now we're all-in on sharing our insights to help you with your online journey.

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Meet the man behind Detailed, Glen Allsopp

"I've hired various SEO experts and Glen was still able to find room for improvement."

Pat Flynn

"Found a number of things we're going to be implementing into our SEO strategy in the coming weeks and months."

Nathan Barry

"Allsopp's SEO podcast stands head and shoulders above the other podcasts"

Eric Siu

This isn't just any SEO newsletter.

Exclusive insights from tracking the rankings & revenue of 2,114 digital goliaths.

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