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Education Marketing and Link Building Case Studies

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How to Delight Your Audience By Telling Them to Give Up

61,000 'Claps' on Medium

I don’t mean this in some backwards way that you become successful because you no longer have any goals.

I mean literally giving up all of the distractions that stop you focusing on what you need to get done in order to become the best in your space at anything.

Today’s update was inspired by a Medium post which received over 61,000 claps (their version of Likes) and is the sixth most shared post on the website. Ever.

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I Purchased an $80 Plugin Today Because of Content Marketing

It's Easy to Forget Why We Do This

While I put in a lot of hours to make sure that Detailed updates highlight side projects, blog posts and tools that picked up a lot of traffic and links, it’s easy to forget what they’re all for: To make more sales.

There’s no point in getting tens of thousands of people to your website (like getting on the homepage of Reddit) if they aren’t actually going to purchase, subscribe, promote or at least bookmark your content for future reference.

Today I headed over to the Wordfence blog – a company I trust to secure my WordPress websites – for advice on managing WordPress backups.

As Detailed Pro begins to grow, I wanted to make sure we have multiple levels of backups (it’s not installed on the same place as as our data is becoming increasingly valuable by the day.

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This Seasonal School Website Absolutely Dominated Google for Three Months

3.5 Million Visitors in a Single Month

Though I like looking into the SEO success of other websites, I don’t want to reveal too much about today’s success story.

I don’t think it’s fair if they suddenly get a lot of competition from my post, so instead don’t see this as a site to copy, but view it as proof that there’s a lot of traffic to be had if you focus on a seasonal topic. went from practically no traffic to over 3 million visitors per month recently, no doubt helped by the number of children going back to school and not knowing what items to bring with them.

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Five ____: Fill in the Blank for an Incredible Side Project Idea

1,620 Referring Domains

It’s funny. I have over 300 content marketing case studies in my spreadsheet to write about here at Detailed, and then I find a cool site on Twitter and it instantly jumps to the front of my publishing queue.

That’s what happened today when my friend Rob shared, a site with the simple aim of sharing the five best books on (literally) any topic.

The site has picked up 117,000 links from over fifteen hundred websites, and has faired well on social media with the homepage picking up 4,000 Facebook likes as well.

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This Free and Open Website Reaches 6 Million Monthly Visitors

6 Million Monthly Visitors / 4.5 Million Backlinks

I honestly think that if you came across the website I’m about to share with you randomly, you wouldn’t stick around for long.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but it looks a bit plain and simple, and the kind of website that torrents PDF’s of books so you don’t have to purchase them.

Because I found them when looking through SimilarWeb data, I was able to learn they reach six million monthly visitors before clicking away from the site, which encouraged me to dig deeper.

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This Author Wrote a “Guest Post” for Amazon and Attracted 15,000 New Email Subscribers

15,000 email subscribers

As this was part of the design before updating the site, you can see I’ve already written about this success story in quite a bit more detail.

After learning how giving away free content on Amazon helped one writer attract 15,000 new email subscribers in just six months, I need to rethink my marketing strategy.

Nick Stephenson helps authors get their first 10,000 readers, and decided to write some mammoth PDF’s to go into detail on the topic.

Nick created Kindle eBook’s which he markets as being “permanently free”, and got his work in front of Amazon’s massive audience.

One such example of Nick’s work is Reader Magnets, which (slightly ironically) helps people get more downloads from the Amazon Kindle store.

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How Dominating a Hashtag Helped This Company Pick Up 200 New Links

200 referring domains

Not too long ago I wrote a more in-depth guide to dominating the ‘hashtag’ for your niche. If you would like to learn more, you can do so here.

What if you could turn a hashtag into a movement, build awareness for a great cause and pick up links to help your search engine rankings.

That’s exactly what Reedsy did recently when they built a side-project around the hashtag #IWriteBecause.

Reedy is a platform which helps you to find an editor for your next book, so having people share their story on why they write aligns perfectly with their business goals.

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