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Entertainment Marketing and Link Building Case Studies

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The Power of Revisiting Someone Else’s Predictions

No stats as it's only 24 hours old

Before I begin, I have to say that if you didn’t check out yesterday’s Gaps article, it’s one you’re not going to want to miss. I’m really proud of it and the feedback has been incredible so far.

As is often the case, even though I have a list of hundreds of things to write about here at Detailed, I tend to write about the freshest case study that I’ve found.

As the sub-heading for this article suggestions: I don’t have any stats for the particular case study I’m going to share with you as it’s only 24 hours old.

That said, a quick Google search will find you hundreds of examples that have followed the same ‘formula’ and picked up links and social shares.

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I Have Way Too Many Ideas to Replicate The Success of This Side Project

148,000 Facebook Likes, 1,450 Referring Domains

While I really liked yesterday’s case study, I did struggle to come up with some great ideas to replicate it.

That’s not the case with, a side project designed to quite simply let you know how long you spent binge watching something, or how long it will take to binge watch something.

The site went viral on Facebook and picked up links from almost 1,500 websites, so while it’s something I’m not sure people will keep coming back to, its fun enough from at least one use to share with others.

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This Harry Potter Fan-Site Shows the Power of Quizzes

1,000+ referring domains

I love that there’s a website which primarily offers tests geared towards fans of Harry Potter.

The Sorting Hat has picked up links from over 1,000 websites, with most helping promote their popular quiz on finding which ‘house’ you would have been put in.

If you’re new to Detailed, keep in mind that you can always click on a category tag on the bottom of each update to see more similar examples.

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This Website Uses Just One Content Angle to Reach 6 Million Monthly Visitors

6 million monthly visitors

One site I recently came across, A Real Me, offers just one type of content: Quizzes.

They have a quiz on every topic you can imagine.

I was surprised to see that not all of their traffic was coming from social media (i.e. Facebook) and they actually pick up 25% of their visitors from search.

In other words, around 1.5 million people each month find this website via Google and Bing.

If you’re interested in setting up your own quizzes, you might like this in-depth guide.

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