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Introducing Detailed Pro: Please Don’t Share This

Proud. Nervous. Excited.

Today I’m excited to announce that something I’ve been working on for a very long time is now available: Detailed Pro.

When I say “Please don’t share this”, that isn’t some kind of marketing gimmick.

I’m not running ads, sending emails, writing tweets or updating Facebook about today’s news. This is an exclusive opening just for people who already come to ‘naturally’.

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When Pigs Fly: A Bacon Fueled Text-Generator With Over 9,500 Backlinks

9,000 backlinks / 1,200 referring domains

If you’ve ever built a website before, you may be familiar with something called Lorem Ipsum. It’s best thought of as placeholder text to put in different areas of a site before the real copy is finished.

There are a number of generators of this text which let you select how many words or paragraphs you’re looking for, but there’s also some pretty funny competition.

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An Incredible Story of Filling a Gap in the Market: The Pinkest Pink

Links from, and thousands of orders.

Have you ever heard of Vantablack? It’s said to be the blackest black there can possibly be.

In scientific terms, “Vantablack is composed of a series of microscopic vertical tubes. When light strikes Vantablack, it becomes trapped instead of bouncing off and is continually deflected between the tubes.”

There’s more to the Vantablack story than an impressive scientific breakthrough however…

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How Using Satire Led to 43,000 Facebook Shares in One Week

43,000 facebook shares

If there’s one content angle I’m scared to try myself, it’s satire.

If you can write something convincingly enough that people know it’s fake but they have some doubts, you can find people sharing your story in the millions.

I’ve written more about succeeding with satire here.

Recently a blog named McSweeney’s wrote about how they only hire staff who are 23 years old because old people don’t have many creative ideas.

In less than a week the article has been shared on Facebook more than 43,000 times, undoubtedly sending a lot of first time visitors to the McSweeney’s website.

There is a lot of discussion these days on diversity when hiring people (even down to their age), so not only was the article cleverly written, it was also written at the perfect time.

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I Created Another Free Tool to Find Twitter Influencers

This one is great for Twitter ad campaigns

Today I’m sharing another free tool which is infinitely more simple, but has been incredibly valuable to me.

I can sum up what the tool does in one sentence: It allows you to find who any Twitter user talks to the most.

That might not seem very useful, but consider these three points:

  • If you can’t get an ‘influencers’ attention, you can get the attention of the people they closely follow instead
  • You can find other big players in any niche you may wish to connect with
  • You can run hyper-focused Twitter ad campaigns on a much larger set of people

If that sounds interesting to you…

You can go directly to the tool here: Find Twitter Influencers

You can read my tutorial here: Twitter Influencers Tutorial

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My Free Twitter Tool Finds Influencers to Promote Your Content

Here's a detailed example of how well it can work

A few weeks ago I launched two free Twitter tools to (mostly) coincide with the launch of Detailed.

The feedback was really positive, but my business partner Dirk let me know I probably should have explained what they do a little better.

I assumed most people would just ‘get’ the idea behind them, but he was right. I needed a tutorial.

If you missed it the first time around..

Here’s a link to the tool: Search and Extract Twitter Users.

Here’s a link to the tutorial: Find Twitter Influencers

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The 15-Word Website That Attracted Over 50,000 Email Opt-ins

Over 500,000 shares

How do you promote a new project in the finance space, an industry with so much competition?

That’s the question Reddit user Optimus Chime had to answer when looking to pre-launch a bill-splitting iPhone app he had developed.

His answer came in the form of a fun side project. Fun, at least, for those who found his website before their friends.

The idea behind his minisite was to let people tell their friends that, simply, they’ve been a bit of a cheapskate lately.

Anonymously, of course.

Even though I knew the site was created purely for marketing purposes, I couldn’t help but fire off some emails to a few friends – even if they aren’t tight with their money – just for laughs.

If you are unfortunate enough to receive an email from the site, here’s what it looks like.

I put my email address in myself, I swear. 😉

As I write this, the share counter on the website is approaching the 500,000 mark. That’s the number of recipients starting to worry they’re not paying their fair share.

When announcing the project on a (surprisingly unpopular) Reddit post, Optimus Chime claimed the project had already helped to gather more than 10,000 pre-launch sign-ups for their application, from around 40,000 recipients.

Now that the number of shares is ten times higher, we can estimate pre-launched sign-ups have grown to anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 users.

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