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Finance Marketing and Link Building Case Studies

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The Simple Dollar is Back With Another Twist Post That Brings in 43,000 Visitors Per Month

5,590 Backlinks, 723 Referring Domains

In the early days of Detailed I wrote about ‘twist posts’ and how good they are at picking up links.

If you missed my thoughts on the topic, here’s a quick summary: Twist posts are like list posts (’11 ways to do this’, ‘top 10 tips for that’) but much more in-depth and can involve hundreds of tips or suggestions.

If you haven’t yet put together a twist post for your site, consider this a reminder of such a simple yet powerful tactic.

How to Save Money: 100 Great Tips to Get You Started (link) is a post from Trent Hamm that goes into great detail offering money-saving advice for his readers.

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Collect 10X More Emails and Empower Your Subscribers with a Private Challenge

2,100 Facebook Likes / 149 Referring Domains

No matter what you think of ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ founder Ramit Sethi, there’s no denying that he knows how to create content that get people talking.

I could probably write 10 different Detailed updates from his blog alone, but today I want to focus on an ingenius idea he had for a squeeze page: A challenge for his readers to save $1,000 in the next week.

As you probably know, email subscribers are incredibly valuable to have (that’s why every site asks for your email address) and starting a challenge with your audience is a great opportunity to help grow them.

I have a feeling that Ramit’s challenge is completely automated these days since it’s ‘starting’ in three days yet has been around forever, but that doesn’t take away from the concept. In fact, it probably makes it more enticing as it’s something you can keep running continously.

While the page has picked up a respectable number of links and likes, I’m sure Ramit is more concerned with how many people it brings into his community and how empowering them with such a relevant concept is a sure-fire way to make people stick around.

What’s something you could challenge your audience to achieve in one week or one month?

Lose 10 lbs? Write 10 words per minute quicker? Bench press 30lbs more? Land their dream job interview? Get a raise?

Whatever your answer, instead of turning your advice into a blog post, why not map out a week of email updates that give people concrete, step-by-step tips they can use to make it happen.

If you use an email marketing service like Drip or ConvertKit, you can also automate the entire thing so every week (or month) the challenge ‘starts again’ for a whole new batch of readers.

I really like the idea behind this one so don’t be surprised to see me starting an SEO or content marketing challenge pretty soon 😉

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The Financial Website That’s Calculating a Killing

64,000 Backlinks / 1,300 Referring Domains

Few things in life are as reliable as a calculator. As long as you input the correct information, you can always rely on them for the right answer.

Wouldn’t it be great if writing viral content was as easy?

Somebody who definitely has a winning formula is “PK” from Don’t Quit Your Day Job.

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Create This One Resource and Become A Rockstar In Your Niche

10,000 Backlinks / 340 Referring Domains

When you first enter a new niche, things can seem a bit overwhelming. A common research tactic – seeking out authoritative bloggers in your space – can certainly help make things easier.

Doing this provides great insights into popular content, backlink opportunities and possible networking opportunities, too.

Even if you’re already established in the space, it pays to know what (and more importantly how) the competition is doing.

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104 of the Best Free Content Marketing Case Studies Online

3.8 Million Pageviews / 28,000 Social Shares

According to the sub-header of this website, this is now content marketing case study number 104 that I’ve shared here on Detailed.

While this site doesn’t break any traffic records, there is a loyal following who come here for updates each day, so I really appreciate you following this journey.

Another example of a site sharing free resources comes from The Penny Hoarder, who shared 30 of the best freebies they’ve found online.

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The Lightbulbs That Picked Up 914 Backlinks

914 backlinks / 260 referring domains

If you were tasked with growing traffic and links to a personal finance blog and I told you that writing about lightbulbs would get you noticed, you would think I’m crazy.

But that’s exactly what one finance blog did to get people talking.

The Simple Dollar compared a number of factors people consider when choosing their next lightbulb such as longevity, price, brightness and their environmental impact.

The result?

260 different websites now link to this article, among them are huge names like Lifehacker & Wikihow.

Is there something you can compare and review in your niche?

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This Simple Chart Idea Might Be Perfect for Your Niche

4,000 pinterest pins

Finance blog Medium Sized family shared a chart on a fun way you can save $1,000 extra this year.

Their version of this chart was quickly shared 1,200 times on Pinterest.

I say their version, because another (bigger) blogger reposted their idea.

Here’s the power of a better headline: This reposted version was shared 3,700 times on Pinterest.

Is there a fun chart that you could make for your niche where people could tick off their progress?

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This Finance Blogger Used a ‘Twist Post’ to Pick Up Almost 6,000 Backlinks

5,890 backlinks / 852 referring domains

If you’re unfamiliar with the ‘twist post’, it’s simply this: You take an angle people love (list posts) and you make it really meaty by writing a huge, in-depth version of a list post.

You can read more about the angle here.

Went Trent Hamm wanted to share some tips for saving money, he didn’t just share a short list, but over 100 of his best tips.

The article was written just over a year ago and has managed to attract links from over 850 different websites.

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I Used the ‘Rank Your Niche’ Tactic to Promote My Case Study Site

Dozens of Tweets from Influencers

A few months ago I ran a live case study on my other website,, and built a new brand in the personal finance space.

When it came to marketing the website, I did the same thing again.

I ranked the best bloggers in the niche using metrics like Twitter following and website traffic (according to SimilarWeb).

While I didn’t break any record numbers of people sharing the page, I did manage to get over a dozen finance ‘influencers’ to tweet about it, which isn’t bad for a brand new website.

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How Going Off-Topic Resulted in 1,500 Facebook Shares

34,000 links from 266 websites

What if a personal finance blogger started advising their readers on how they could cut fat, rather than the interest rate on their loan?

That’s what Mr. Money Mustache did just a few months ago, resulting in one of his most popular blog posts ever.

While his site picks up a lot of traffic and comments, receiving over 400 replies makes this one of the more exceptional posts he’s published.

There are a few reasons why I think this post really struck a chord with his audience.

First of all, Mr. MM didn’t just whip up some quick tips for his readers. The guide is so detailed it’s just shy of hitting the 4,000 word mark.

The second reason is that the post is ‘generic’ enough that it would still be interesting to a large part of his audience.

I would expect that if he went into the minute details of fitness, by talking about macros and latin names for muscle groups, he wouldn’t get quite the same reaction.

While these two reasons are important, I don’t think they quite get the heart of the answer. For that, you need to delve into the comments.

If you ever see a piece of content doing well, dive into the comments and see what people are saying to see why it hit a nerve.

Diving into the comments on this particular article, it’s clear to see why people responded well to it.

Many of his readers admit to being so focused on saving money, paying off loans and renovating their properties that they had completely neglected their health.

In other words, the post was a wake-up call for people who had their minds occupied by other endeavours.

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The 15-Word Website That Attracted Over 50,000 Email Opt-ins

Over 500,000 shares

How do you promote a new project in the finance space, an industry with so much competition?

That’s the question Reddit user Optimus Chime had to answer when looking to pre-launch a bill-splitting iPhone app he had developed.

His answer came in the form of a fun side project. Fun, at least, for those who found his website before their friends.

The idea behind his minisite was to let people tell their friends that, simply, they’ve been a bit of a cheapskate lately.

Anonymously, of course.

Even though I knew the site was created purely for marketing purposes, I couldn’t help but fire off some emails to a few friends – even if they aren’t tight with their money – just for laughs.

If you are unfortunate enough to receive an email from the site, here’s what it looks like.

I put my email address in myself, I swear. 😉

As I write this, the share counter on the website is approaching the 500,000 mark. That’s the number of recipients starting to worry they’re not paying their fair share.

When announcing the project on a (surprisingly unpopular) Reddit post, Optimus Chime claimed the project had already helped to gather more than 10,000 pre-launch sign-ups for their application, from around 40,000 recipients.

Now that the number of shares is ten times higher, we can estimate pre-launched sign-ups have grown to anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 users.

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