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The Financial Website That’s Calculating a Killing

64,000 Backlinks / 1,300 Referring Domains

Few things in life are as reliable as a calculator. As long as you input the correct information, you can always rely on them for the right answer.

Wouldn’t it be great if writing viral content was as easy?

Somebody who definitely has a winning formula is “PK” from Don’t Quit Your Day Job.

On DQYDJ you’ll find around 70 different financial calculators. They’ve helped the domain earn over 64,000 backlinks from the likes of Forbes, Yahoo Finance and even

PK’s calculators are based around familiar financial topics like saving, investments and salaries. What might surprise you is how basic they are, given the enormous number of backlinks they’ve picked up.

Simply input a figure like how much money you make or the value of your investments and the calculator will immediately place you in a percentile.

On the same page as the calculators there’s usually a bar chart comparing the figures to previous years, or a table breaking the percentiles down. It’s then really easy to see just how far off the much-publicised 1% you really are.

So all this got me thinking: The website design is pretty basic and the calculators themselves are really pretty simple; how have they helped DQYDJ attract over 64,000 backlinks?

Looking at the backlink profile, I think there are a couple of reasons for their success. Firstly, people love knowing where they fit in or compare within different groups of society.

For example, the calculators can provide quick answers to questions like “Just how good is the salary the new job is offering?” or “How much savings would I need to be better off than most people?”

The second reason is that the website adds a lot of value to journalists, bloggers and practically anybody producing serious content.

Writers can visit DQYDJ and grab a stat in seconds to frame an article around. If not from using the calculator itself, from the table or graph accompanying it.

For example, a few months ago the price of Melania Trump’s coat made headlines. Yahoo Finance wrote an article and linked back to a DQYDJ calculator showing it cost more than most American’s made in a year.

It’s no great revelation that calculator tools are popular in the finance niche. However, with some creativity, you can make calculators for any niche providing you have the stats.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Height Distribution Of NBA Point Guards
  • Monthly Dog Insurance Premiums
  • Airline Customer Satisfaction Scores
  • Monthly Value Of Debit Card Purchases
  • How Much Should I Tip?
  • How Much Concrete To Mix?

Again, to be as successful as DQYDJ, I would suggest producing stats in percentiles, so people can compare with others and see where they rank in a group.

Also, think of an interesting headline and context for the calculator. Taking one of the examples above, this could be: “Are You Tall Enough To Be An NBA Point Guard?

You can also produce helpful calculators which could offer a lot of value in themselves. This could be the correct-sized outboard motor for your boat’s weight, or making pancakes for ten people. is a great place to visit to get ideas and free statistical reports for your calculator. In fact, you’ll find reports for many of my ideas there (apart from the pancakes!).

Something else you could do is look at the infographics that are popular in your niche and turn those into calculators.

This would give the double bonus of knowing a certain topic is popular and the stats are already prepared for you.

Click the ‘Tools’ category icon below to see more examples of how calculators can be a great way to help your site go viral.

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