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Here’s What You Can Really See from Space (Hint: It’s Not the Great Wall of China)

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You’ve likely heard that the only man-made object you can see from space is the Great Wall of China.

A friend of mine likes to point out to new people he meets that it’s a common misconception, and not actually true.

Google – visa NASA – says you can’t see it from the moon, so it’s a pretty popular myth that has traveled around the globe (just not higher than it).

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An Ingenius Way to Get Inactive Subscribers to Open Your Next Email

Brought in an extra $3,386 in sales

My friend Ryan Kulp recently had a genius idea to possibly ‘bring back’ inactive readers to an eCommerce company he was working with.

Ryan was inspired by the birthday paradox, which states that even if you have just 23 people in a room, there’s a chance that two of them will share the same birthday.

Based on this, Ryan sent out an email wishing all of his inactive users a Happy Birthday!

As he was emailing a huge amount of people (78,000 subscribers), it meant that there was a huge chance many of them really were celebrating their birthday when they received the email.

Because the birthday messages came with a promotion code for their product (Wine), he was able to directly track its impact on over $3,000 in sales.

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