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Giveaway Marketing and Link Building Case Studies

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This Free and Open Website Reaches 6 Million Monthly Visitors

6 Million Monthly Visitors / 4.5 Million Backlinks

I honestly think that if you came across the website I’m about to share with you randomly, you wouldn’t stick around for long.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but it looks a bit plain and simple, and the kind of website that torrents PDF’s of books so you don’t have to purchase them.

Because I found them when looking through SimilarWeb data, I was able to learn they reach six million monthly visitors before clicking away from the site, which encouraged me to dig deeper.

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104 of the Best Free Content Marketing Case Studies Online

3.8 Million Pageviews / 28,000 Social Shares

According to the sub-header of this website, this is now content marketing case study number 104 that I’ve shared here on Detailed.

While this site doesn’t break any traffic records, there is a loyal following who come here for updates each day, so I really appreciate you following this journey.

Another example of a site sharing free resources comes from The Penny Hoarder, who shared 30 of the best freebies they’ve found online.

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This Simple Chart Idea Might Be Perfect for Your Niche

4,000 pinterest pins

Finance blog Medium Sized family shared a chart on a fun way you can save $1,000 extra this year.

Their version of this chart was quickly shared 1,200 times on Pinterest.

I say their version, because another (bigger) blogger reposted their idea.

Here’s the power of a better headline: This reposted version was shared 3,700 times on Pinterest.

Is there a fun chart that you could make for your niche where people could tick off their progress?

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This Author Wrote a “Guest Post” for Amazon and Attracted 15,000 New Email Subscribers

15,000 email subscribers

As this was part of the design before updating the site, you can see I’ve already written about this success story in quite a bit more detail.

After learning how giving away free content on Amazon helped one writer attract 15,000 new email subscribers in just six months, I need to rethink my marketing strategy.

Nick Stephenson helps authors get their first 10,000 readers, and decided to write some mammoth PDF’s to go into detail on the topic.

Nick created Kindle eBook’s which he markets as being “permanently free”, and got his work in front of Amazon’s massive audience.

One such example of Nick’s work is Reader Magnets, which (slightly ironically) helps people get more downloads from the Amazon Kindle store.

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