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Google Partnered with for a Reason I’ve Already Written About

Launched today on TechCrunch

A few weeks ago I wrote about my enjoyment at seeing the Google suggestions for my rival football team, Sunderland FC.

If you head on over to Google and type “Why are Sunderland so…”, Google will complete the sentence by adding the word bad on the end for you.

In the article – Here’s What Google Thinks of Content Marketers – I shared a number of examples of people ‘going viral’ by writing about the suggestions they see in Google’s search box.

Today’s announcement is quite interesting, as webmaster Xaquín G.V. managed to team up with Google Labs to show what people in certain countries search for ‘how to do’.

The site is described as a ‘visual essay’ so you won’t find any search volume numbers, but it’s clear from visual representations that people in Brazil (I selected the country myself) often Google how to fix their toilet and their sink.

You can’t do much better with your launch then get written about on TechCrunch, so even on the sites first day (today), I would say this side project has already proven to be a success.

It must feel awesome for them to get written about on Detailed as well (I kid! I kid!).

I still think this ‘What Google Thinks’ angle is a really fun way to get people talking, so if you haven’t given it a try just yet, I hope this serves as some further inspiration for you.

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