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Health & Fitness Marketing and Link Building Case Studies

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How Running A Premium Competition Can Win You More Than Prizes

14,000 Facebook Shares / 2,600 Backlinks

Almost 50 years ago, Andy Warhol famously said: “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”.

Today, it seems programs like American Idol and platforms like Instagram fulfill this prophecy every few days. And even if the fame is short-lived, the people who provide the opportunity still receive a lot of credit.

Popular Fitness magazine Men’s Health tapped into the enduring quest for fame with their “Ultimate Guy Search”. Since beginning in 2014, it has received over 14,000 Facebook shares and picked up 2,600 backlinks.

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How Going Off-Topic Resulted in 1,500 Facebook Shares

34,000 links from 266 websites

What if a personal finance blogger started advising their readers on how they could cut fat, rather than the interest rate on their loan?

That’s what Mr. Money Mustache did just a few months ago, resulting in one of his most popular blog posts ever.

While his site picks up a lot of traffic and comments, receiving over 400 replies makes this one of the more exceptional posts he’s published.

There are a few reasons why I think this post really struck a chord with his audience.

First of all, Mr. MM didn’t just whip up some quick tips for his readers. The guide is so detailed it’s just shy of hitting the 4,000 word mark.

The second reason is that the post is ‘generic’ enough that it would still be interesting to a large part of his audience.

I would expect that if he went into the minute details of fitness, by talking about macros and latin names for muscle groups, he wouldn’t get quite the same reaction.

While these two reasons are important, I don’t think they quite get the heart of the answer. For that, you need to delve into the comments.

If you ever see a piece of content doing well, dive into the comments and see what people are saying to see why it hit a nerve.

Diving into the comments on this particular article, it’s clear to see why people responded well to it.

Many of his readers admit to being so focused on saving money, paying off loans and renovating their properties that they had completely neglected their health.

In other words, the post was a wake-up call for people who had their minds occupied by other endeavours.

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