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The Number One Sign You’re Getting Better at Promoting Content

72,000 Facebook Likes / 1,830 Backlinks

Eight years ago when I started a personal development blog, two of the people I quickly came to really like in the space were Marc and Angel from

While they don’t go into the type of depth I tend to enjoy reading these days, their site is a great resource for uplifting content, no matter which area of life you’re struggling with.

A few years ago they went live with 9 Good Signs You’re in the Right Relationship, which quickly went viral on Facebook (72,000 likes) and picked up over 1,800 backlinks.

Marc and Angel’s sidebar is a great source of content marketing inspiration, and this one is no exception. I really like the headline formula: ___ Signs You’re _____ (Doing Something Right / Improving at Something).

I tried my own version of this headline formula for this post, but I’m sure you can do a better job than me.

Other angles I thought of include:

  • 11 Signs Your Fitness Routine is Starting to Pay Off
  • 9 Ways You’re Probably Smarter Than You Think
  • 15 Ways To Know That Breaking Up Was The Right Decision

Who wouldn’t like to hear that they’re doing something right?


If you can tap into that boost of motivation when you know you’re on the right path and improving at something, you might just ‘strike a nerve’ with your audience and get the web talking.

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