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Interview Marketing and Link Building Case Studies

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Tim Ferriss’ Most Linked-to Blog Post of 2016

257 referring domains / 3,000+ Facebook shares

With over 100 million podcast downloads in 2016 – and having already passed 150 million total downloads in 2017 – Tim Ferriss is no stranger to creating content that people enjoy.

That’s why I find it so interesting his most linked-to blog post slash podcast episode last year was an interview with marketing author, Seth Godin.

Not to take anything away from Seth — I’ve devoured his books over the years — but when Tim has interviewed some of Hollywood’s most admired actors, it’s surprising to see a non-A-list celebrity top the list.

There could be a logical explanation as to why Seth’s post was the most linked-to: He appeals to a marketing audience which have a greater ability and likelihood to link to something, rather than say…fans of Jamie Foxx.

I do think there’s a reason this particular episode was so popular: Tim asked Seth questions he doesn’t typically get asked.

Instead of talking about how to promote something – a common line of interest from interviewers – Tim asked Seth about his daily routines, how he stays productive and what keeps him motivated.

If you’re looking to apply the factors of why this was so popular to your own marketing ventures, here are the two steps involved:

  • Interview someone in your industry who is typically hard to reach
  • Ask them questions they don’t typically get asked

The first bullet-point alone might be enough for creating something that people share in the masses.

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