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Introducing Detailed Pro: Please Don’t Share This

Proud. Nervous. Excited.

Today I’m excited to announce that something I’ve been working on for a very long time is now available: Detailed Pro.

When I say “Please don’t share this”, that isn’t some kind of marketing gimmick.

I’m not running ads, sending emails, writing tweets or updating Facebook about today’s news. This is an exclusive opening just for people who already come to ‘naturally’.

Since this is a launch (albeit a very soft one), I’m also available on live chat which you can use to ask any questions on the bottom right of the page.

However you came to this news, you’re probably surprised that I’m launching anything at all. I have given no hints about there being a Pro version of Detailed or any kind of service offering.

Detailed Pro is something I’ve been working on since December of last year.

The concept is simple: If you’re looking to grow search and referral traffic to your website, get personalised suggestions from full-time marketers for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own SEO or marketing team.

If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading.

You’ll learn why I spent many tens of thousands of dollars putting this entire system and database in place.

“I’ve Just Launched Gaps. Now What?”

In December of 2016 I made the surprise move to shed the ViperChill brand I had built up over the prior 11 years and start with a new venture at

As this was something completely new for me, I didn’t just want to rely on my current ‘audience’ to help spread the word — I wanted to get out there and reach new people.

I put a lot of work into my writing so I think it’s natural that I would want more people to see it.

Who? How? Where do I go to?” were my initial thoughts when I decided to focus on growing my reach.

Sure you’ve got Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, but what else is out there?

The question I ultimately asked is this: Who is sending traffic and readers to my ‘competition’ but never talks about me or might not even know I exist?

The answer uncovered a few dozen sites that I could reach out to.

Finding a lot websites in the business and marketing world that I had no idea existed (yet reached a lot of people) was really eye-opening.

Once you’ve been active in a space for a while you think you’ve seen it all.

How wrong I was.

It’s no stretch to say that I soon became addicted to looking for ways to grow my websites and those of friends / family / clients.

Dozens of opportunities turned into hundreds and later, thousands.

A Few Months Later I Thought This Needed to Be Shared

What I was building on my private spreadsheets was something that simply doesn’t exist online.

Sure there are lists of places you can submit guest posts or directories you can add your site to, but everyone can find those lists and they’re very rarely updated.

Instead, I had the idea to build my own private database of traffic and link opportunities that are:

  • Actively updated in 2017
  • Completely sortable by niche and opportunity type
  • Genuine opportunities that Google couldn’t penalise or ‘shut down’

Getting more excited by the idea, I also realised how big of a task this was. I was literally sitting on thousands of opportunities that were nothing more than a huge Excel document.

They needed to be written out and organised.

I reached out to the Marketing Inc community in March to see if anyone was interested in helping with that endeavour.

It’s funny to read that thread now, especially the “One month job” in brackets.

The database of opportunities has been worked on every single day since March — we’ve had up to six people at a time editing and categorising opportunities.

On that note I want to give thanks to Alan, Lyle, Sam, Simon, Nigel and Roberto who were instrumental in helping this whole thing come to light.

We’ve Slashed the Price in Half for This Opening

To see if Detailed Pro has the chance to become a business that genuinely helps people, we estimate that charging $197/m would allows us to be incredibly proactive in helping customers and make a modest profit.

As a special introductory offer, you can join us for half of that price.

Remember: I’m not sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, email or any other channel.

If you didn’t naturally come to the homepage today on your own – or subscribe to the podcast – there’s no way you should be hearing about this opening.

The final thing I want to add is that I’m testing an entirely new angle here that I have no idea if people will be interested in or not.

As such, if you sign-up today, you can be sure you’ll be smothered with attention from myself and the rest of the team to completely blow you away.

If you’ve ever wanted to let someone else take care of your marketing your website while you make that website great, I don’t think you’ll find a better opportunity than this.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. Whatever happens with DPro, normal Detailed updates will resume as usual. They are two separate ventures with great people behind them, so you won’t notice any interruptions.

P.P.S If this is not for you, no problem at all. I’m available on live chat if you have any questions to help understand today’s offering.

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Detailed Pro gives you the traffic and link opportunities you need to grow your search and referral traffic.

Our full-time marketers manually pick the best marketing opportunities for your website, so you can focus on what's important to you.