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It Seems Like Every Member of the ‘Blawg 100’ Is Happy to Link Back

161,000 Backlinks / 560 Referring Domains

I’ve been doing quite a lot of link building in the law / legal niches lately and there’s one thing I keep seeing over and over again: Websites linking back to ABA Journals list of the top 100 bloggers in the space.

If you click on the Awards category in the sidebar of this site you won’t be surprised to see how lucrative hosting awards for your industry can be, but this example is perhaps the most successful I’ve seen yet.

While “just” 560 websites link to this internal page on the website, because those sites link from every page of their site, it has amassed over 160,000 backlinks.

If you haven’t yet considered hosting some kind of annual awards for your niche then I hope this serves as further inspiration for you to consider giving it a go.

I think the reason the awards worked so well in the law niche is because nobody else thought of doing them. There isn’t much of a ‘community’ in the space like there is for internet marketing or finance blogs (at least that I could find) so the awards give people a chance to pit themselves against others and see where they stand.

If someone isn’t already hosting some kind of industry awards for your niche (whether online or off), please take advantage of that as soon as possible.

And, even if someone already is, there’s always room to stand out by:

  • Going really in-depth and not just awarding the ‘obvious’ sites
  • Naming your awards so that they’re not just a generic list of bloggers
  • Hosting offline events to celebrate the winners in person
  • Offering unique prizes that other awards don’t
  • Being personal and actually chatting one-on-one with the winners (no generic emails)

As the web continues to become more crowded, this content marketing opportunity isn’t going to be around forever.

The huge benefit of hosting awards is that on the same date every single year you have the chance to pick up a lot more traffic and links than your competition. But if you’re too slow to act and let someone else take over, those benefits go to them.

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