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The Lazy Person’s Guide to Writing Content That Attracts Links

That headline is quite appealing, isn’t it?

You can achieve a personal goal – new links and traffic to your website – by adopting the productivity levels of someone who doesn’t try very hard to get things done.

Our brains are hard-wired to look for shortcuts in order to achieve the same desired goal, and headlines that involve ‘lazy’ and ‘success’ are one way of tapping in to that.

The sad irony about today’s example is that it picked up a lot of links and social shares, but I’m not really sure it deserved to.

It’s not an article that was very well put together. Its execution is almost lazy, if you will.

That said, it is for a great cause: The United Nations put together an article on how even the laziest of people can help to save the world.

While the piece is great in its intentions, it’s fair to say it wouldn’t have done as well if it weren’t an article from the UN.

That said, if you head on over to Google and search for the “The Lazy Person’s Guide”, “The Lazy Man’s Guide” or “Guide for Lazy People” (quotes included) you’ll literally find thousands of results which have done well both in terms of picking up social shares and picking up links.

The key to writing a guide for “lazy people” is to promote the 20% of actions which create 80% of results. In other words, to highlight the most impactful steps that anyone can take to achieve a certain goal.

To become a better programmer you could read dozens of books on different programming languages, or you could just get stuck in and actually try to create something with code.

To become a better SEO you could follow every SEO blog out there and learn every single technical aspect of the practice, or you could try to build and rank a single site and learn as you go along.

What’s the main thing people in your niche that people are trying to achieve, and what are the most critical things they must do to make that happen?

Not all things. Just the most important.

Put them together in a guide, and you may just find your ‘lazy’ article results in a lot of success stories.

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