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When Pigs Fly: A Bacon Fueled Text-Generator With Over 9,500 Backlinks

9,000 backlinks / 1,200 referring domains

If you’ve ever built a website before, you may be familiar with something called Lorem Ipsum. It’s best thought of as placeholder text to put in different areas of a site before the real copy is finished.

There are a number of generators of this text which let you select how many words or paragraphs you’re looking for, but there’s also some pretty funny competition.

The first example is Bacom Ipsum, which describes itself as a “meatier lorem ipsum”.

Asking the tool to produce text for you will bring back something like this:

Bacon ipsum dolor amet biltong pork andouille, ribeye short ribs pancetta jerky doner filet mignon. Sirloin andouille jerky shank meatloaf spare ribs prosciutto t-bone chicken beef ribs drumstick.

When the site has picked up over 9,500 backlinks from over 1,000 websites, there’s no denying that making a ‘fun’ version of a popular tool can be a really smart marketing strategy.

Is there a tool in your industry that you could curate a humorours version of.

Maybe a keyword tool that only brings back absolutely terrible keywords?

You could create a calculator which grossly estimates your bodyfat percentage as being almost 100%.

What about a color picker tool which gives you the exact opposite of the color you select?

I’m a little worried I have so many ideas I could write about terrible tools to make.

Of course the key here is that you make something to have fun with it. Not for it to be inherently serious.

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