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Reader Profiling: One Thing I Wish I Had Done More Of (And You Should Too)

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One thing, not the one thing (there are quite a few) I wish I had done more of during my blogging ‘career’ is to highlight the success stories of both readers and those close to the space.

It’s odd, because one of the most successful posts ever shared on ViperChill was the unveiling of a reader and friend, Ramsay from Blog Tyrant.

When profiled the lives of five Indian women who travel solo around the world, it really struck a chord and went viral, being shared on Facebook more than 13,000 times.

They didn’t interview these women or invite them on to the site. They simple found inspiring women who were doing something the site is focused on (travel) and shared their story.

Similarly, I didn’t interview Ramsay. I let him share his story in his own words.

The point I want to get across is that there are some incredible people doing incredible things in your space, but who don’t really have a ‘voice’ in terms of writing or even producing videos.

Let your site be the voice for those people.

Share the stories of those in your space doing incredible, inspiring or exciting things.

Not only could it encourage you to build connections with your audience, but you may just find it helps you reach a lot more people on the same journey.

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