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Why Your Links Should Never Say “Click Here”

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I think this is the first time in the history of Detailed updates where I have used the same headline for my article as the case study that I’m discussing.

When I first read the headline I thought “This guy is trying too hard to be controversial” but when I dug deeper, the author – Anthony – actually makes a number of great points in his few hundred word article.

Though the post was published back in 2012, it’s still picking up links today, primarily because it still challenges a common habit that we all have.

And that’s really the key to today’s case study: Can you point out something that a lot of people in your industry do that they probably shouldn’t be doing?

Don’t just try to point something out that couldn’t be improved, but if you constantly find people making the same “mistake” over and over again, it could become the basis for an article that gets people talking.

To give a few examples of how this could be used:

  • Why You Should Never Start Keyword Research With Software
  • Why You Should Never Learn a Language By Purchasing a Dictionary
  • Why Teenage Sprinters Should Never Use Starting Blocks
  • Why You Should Never Tour a Country by Following a Travel Guidebook
  • Why Beginner Programmers Should Never Start with C++

Again, you really have to believe in what you’re saying rather than just saying it for the sake of controversy, but I’m sure you hold an unpopular belief that most people in your space wouldn’t agree with (at least on the surface).

Who knows, maybe you’ll even truly educate people with your content. I know I won’t just be writing ‘click here’ in my links anytime soon.

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