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What Everyone Should Know About Creating Content That Goes Viral

1,000+ Facebook Shares / 120 Referring Domains

Have you ever been in a situation when somebody has said, “Everybody knows that, right?”, but you actually didn’t?

Perhaps in an interview or on a first date, you’d be forgiven if you lied, but it’s likely something you wouldn’t forget (or at least you would remind yourself to research it more later if you’re anything like me).

I recently came across Psyblog which was created by British psychologist, Jeremy Dean. Unsurprisingly (for a psychologist) Jeremy’s attention-grabbing headlines have earned tens of thousands of shares.

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Reader Profiling: One Thing I Wish I Had Done More Of (And You Should Too)

13.7K Facebook Shares

One thing, not the one thing (there are quite a few) I wish I had done more of during my blogging ‘career’ is to highlight the success stories of both readers and those close to the space.

It’s odd, because one of the most successful posts ever shared on ViperChill was the unveiling of a reader and friend, Ramsay from Blog Tyrant.

When profiled the lives of five Indian women who travel solo around the world, it really struck a chord and went viral, being shared on Facebook more than 13,000 times.

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The Number One Sign You’re Getting Better at Promoting Content

72,000 Facebook Likes / 1,830 Backlinks

Eight years ago when I started a personal development blog, two of the people I quickly came to really like in the space were Marc and Angel from

While they don’t go into the type of depth I tend to enjoy reading these days, their site is a great resource for uplifting content, no matter which area of life you’re struggling with.

A few years ago they went live with 9 Good Signs You’re in the Right Relationship, which quickly went viral on Facebook (72,000 likes) and picked up over 1,800 backlinks.

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‘Signs You’re ____’ Is an Incredibly Powerful Headline Formula

27,000 Facebook Likes / 37,000 LinkedIn Shares

I’ve shared a number of ‘headline formulas’ at Detailed over the past few months, but this one might just be the best yet.

The structure is simple: You create a headline which includes the words ‘Signs You’re ____’ and fill in the gaps with something relevant to your industry.

For example, a recent article on Forbes went viral with the headline Five Signs You’re Successful — Whether You Know It or Not.

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Striking the Content Jackpot with 100 Books Every Man Should Read

4,500 links / 632 referring domains

If you’re unfamiliar with the ‘twist post’, it’s simply this: You take an angle people love (list posts) and you make it really meaty by writing a huge, in-depth version of a list post.

You can read more about the angle here.

The Art of Manliness created another successful twist post, 100 Books Every Man Should Read, which has picked up over 4,500 links from 632 different websites. Even more impressive is it still picks up new backlinks every few days.

Creating a list of ’21 books every man should read’ would have taken far less work, but I argue it wouldn’t have been as popular.

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The Simple Headline Formula One Popular Blog Won’t Stop Using

20,900 links / 447 referring domains

The elementary headline formula we’ll highlight below has been popular online for over a decade. When used with the right filler words, it can help the right story get shared.

Popular men’s blog the Art of Manliness frequently use the template, helping to frame some of their most viral posts.

One such article, written almost a decade ago, still picks up links to this day from sites like Wikipedia, Wikihow and Lifehacker.

The headline used was simply this: How to Shave Like Your Grandpa.

Besides the countless social shares, it also picked up 20,900 backlinks from 447 referring domains.

While the formula is incredibly simple – How to ___ Like ___ – it has the potential be incredibly effective.

The key to succeeding with this headline is making the first ‘gap’ interesting, and the second ‘gap’ inspiring.

Some more headlines that might inspire your creative thinking include:

  • How to Stay Driven Like Michael Phelphs
  • How to Take Free Kicks Like Cristiano Ronaldo
  • How to Focus Like Eckhart Tolle
  • How to Give Speeches Like Martin Luther King
  • How to Write Blog Posts Like Glen Allsopp (I kid, I kid!)

While you can write your advice based on anecdotal evidence or your own perception, try to find examples of that person actually giving advice on a topic.

As with any headline template we’ll recommend on Detailed, be sure to backup what you say with great content.

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