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Photography Marketing and Link Building Case Studies

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How to Attract 14,000 Facebook Shares By Comparing Two Similarly Priced Products

14,000 Facebook Shares / 136 Referring Domains

Links are great. They help with Google rankings, send traffic from the site that links to you and make you feel good about something that you’ve written.

They’re even better when they suddenly help you to start ranking for an additional 2,800 keywords in Google, for a single article.

That’s what happened this year when SLR Lounge decided to compare a $4K iMac versus a $4K custom made PC.

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51,000 backlinks / 350 referring domains created a great page on their website which allows you to get feedback on photos you’ve taken, as long as you give feedback to other people.

If you think it’s just a simple idea, wait until you read the numbers.

This page has been linked to 51,000 times from over 350 different websites.

And what I especially love about this concept is that it’s all about giving value before receiving something in return. You give value to your own audience by critiquing their work, and get people coming back to your site in return (or being indebted for your help).

Click the link if you’re interested in learning more about critiquing your niche.

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Why The ‘Clickin Mom’ Writes the Same Article Each Year

8,000 facebook shares

If you’re unfamiliar with the ‘twist post’, it’s simply this: You take an angle people love (list posts) and you make it really meaty by writing a huge, in-depth version of a list post.

You can read more about the angle here.

Clickinmom created a list of 100 photographers to watch in 2016.

It was shared on Facebook over 8,000 times, but I don’t think they were surprised.

They created the same piece of content in 2014 and 2015, and it has always proven to be popular.

Not only did including so many photographers help to make the most more substantial and interesting, it was smart because there are more people on the list who could share the fact that they were featured.

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How a Photography Blog Went Viral with a Strategy You Can Copy

900 comments / thousands of links

With millions of budding photographers around the world, it shouldn’t be too surprising that some blogs on the topic reach a lot of people.

What may surprise you is that when one of them blogged about food, it took the web by storm.

Photography website FStoppers shared the work of Peter Menzel, a photographer who traveled the world to take photos of families with their weekly shopping.

Is there an ‘Around the World’ angle you could take with your own niche?

I could write forever about other headlines you could use, but here are a few of my favourites:

  • Here’s what the best selling car around the world looks like
  • Here’s what the average house around the world looks like
  • Here’s how much sugar people eat on average around the world
  • Here’s the frontpage of daily newspapers around the world today

Get creative with this one!

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