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Postmedia (Behind Sites like and Records $111.2M Q3 Revenue

Written by Glen Allsopp | +552 this month
August 27, 2023

One of Canada’s leading media companies, Postmedia, today announced Q3 revenue for their combined online and offline publications of $111.2M, a 7.8% decrease compared to 2022.

The decline was primarily the result of a decrease in both advertising and circulation revenues, which decreased 15.3% and 15.6% respectively.

PostMedia are behind some huge brands like,, and National Post. In total we track 12 sites for them, which Google sends around 4 million clicks each month according to Semrush estimates.

As you would expect, Driving covers the automotive world, but is actually a celebrity gossip / entertainment news site.

As an interesting side note, they have an incredible domain with and yet choose to make the site load at I assume this can’t be anything other than a nod to their national anthem, O Canada. doesn’t post the content you might expect

The company is currently heavily focused on cost-cutting initiatives, with expenses decreasing for the quarter by $11.3M (a 9.6% decrease).

Last year the company acquired Brunswick News, which offers a number of daily and weekly newspapers and accounted for $15M of their Q3 revenue.

While Q3 wasn’t great for Postmedia, their year-to-date revenue is up 1.8% compared to the same period last year, where they’ve generated $347.2M in revenue.

Their year-to-date net loss however is up to $61.5M, which is an increase of $18.2M.

I won’t claim to know too much about Postmedia and their business as I only started tracking the brand in 2023 but it’s nice to have an example of a digital media goliath who share their specific revenue numbers.

They’re still very much a physical newspaper brand, but they’re very set on “aggressive transformation” according to their earnings press release and I have to imagine that includes a lot of work on their digital presence.

Postmedia trade as $PNC on the Toronto Stock Exchange which means we’ll have revenue updates to share for them each quarter.

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