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Single Niche
Any category
$ 197 /yr
  • 434 detailed opportunities
  • Just $0.45 per opportunity
  • Fully sortable database
  • New opportunities weekly

  • Full instant access

  • Private SEO case studies

  • Only 8 available spaces each month
Every Opportunity
All categories
$ 997 /yr

Get every single opportunity we share (3,000+) in 17 different categories and save $2,352.

Perfect for SEO agencies or anyone with a number of different websites, you'll also get access to five exclusive SEO case studies.

Two spaces left for Oct.

Three Niches
Any three categories
$ 447 /yr
  • For Unlimited Projects
  • Built with Bootstrap 4
  • All Demos Included
  • Admin Template
  • PSD Files Included
  • Documentation & Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions and answers
How quickly will I receive access?

Access should be instant. If you have any issues at all we're almost always online via live chat (purple circle bottom right).

You'll receive everything you purchased at once. We won't drip-feed the suggestions to you or anything sneaky like that.

What's to stop these opportunities from being abused?

Most opportunities are only possible to 'attain' if you have an active, quality site in a particular niche. For instance, you can't get a link from unless you write a quality marketing article.

To limit your competition, we also only allow 8 new customers per month to access a particular category (less than 100 per year).

What kind of opportunities will you send me? Just guest posts?

Typical opportunities include: Resource page links, high-quality niche directories, guest posts, advertising, social submission etc. (view more here).

It's easy to find a list of sites that accept guest posts, for example, but they're usually out of date (mentioning sites that no longer accept them). All Detailed opportunities include sites active in 2018.

Are opportunities sent via reports, email or ...?

We spent months building a beautiful custom back-end to this website where you can sort, search and favorite the opportunities.

At 50,000 words per category (on average), we thought sending things via email or PDF's would be a little bit messy.

Do you guarantee I can get X amount of visitors / links?

We can't do that or the opportunities we share would not be legitimate (and quickly worthless). That said, many opportunities are very easy and very quick to pick up, as long as you have a relevant site in the space.

What if Google signed-up and saw your link suggestions?

We'll put our competitors in the suggestions just to be safe. We kid!

In all seriousness, no traffic / links are guaranteed so there's nothing to be abused. We're about helping you find hyper-focused opportunities in your niche, which we think Google would recommend.

Can I ask another question?

Of course. Please send an email to with your questions.

How do you find these link / traffic opportunities?

We find them primarily through clickstream data. This means we look at big sites in a niche, find who is sending them traffic, and look for other opportunities to attain those traffic and links for your site as well.

Our opportunities wouldn't be as valuable without this data.

Can I sign-up on behalf of my clients? Can I share data with them?

Signing-up on behalf of your clients is totally fine, as is sharing our custom opportunities with them in your own white-labelled package (within reason).

All we ask is that our suggestions are not released into public domain as they are all written uniquely by our Detailed team.

I want links for a non-English site. Can you help?

Every opportunity inside Detailed Pro was found for sites primarily looking for English-speaking traffic. No site primarily publishes content in another language.

Finding great traffic and link opportunities requires a really good grasp of another language, so we don't just want to hire others to 'fill in the gaps' in other languages as we want to ensure a quality offering.

Can I share my login details with my team?

Each account is limited to 3 IP's per day, designed to allow you to access our suggestions via desktop, tablet and / or phone in different locations.

If you're in an office environment, anyone can log-in on that same IP address -- no problems there.

Do I have to spend more money to acquire traffic or links?

Many sites have advertising options available, which do come with a chance to pick up links. Most suggestions are based around sites which have great resource pages, offer guest posting, or are open to building relationships in their industry (which often results in link opportunities).

Do you offer refunds if I'm not happy?

As we can't take back our opportunities from you after you've seen them, we don't offer refunds.

Our aim is to blow you away with our offering at this price and you can always view our examples to get an idea of what to expect.

This is not just a list of links.

We're called Detailed for a reason.
Active Websites

All sites in our database have been checked and updated for 2018 to ensure they're still active.

Proven Opportunities

No paid links or PBN's; just legitimate traffic sources that top websites rely on.

Contact Emails

Although we only share publicly available email addresses, 75% of opportunities include them.

People That Link Out

We didn't secretly build these sites so you can get links. They have real owners.

Easily Sortable

Sort our database by 10 link types to only show what you're interested in for each niche.

Unique to Detailed

We hand-researched every opportunity ourselves. No 'lists' or similar were purchased.

1,050 Ranked Sites
90,000+ Links Discovered Daily
3,548 Documented Dream Backlinks

Data-driven insights and analysis on the world of SEO.

We're full-time search analysts who test and track what works then share our findings.

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