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Introducing Detailed Pro

In 2015, Tim Chen stood in front of a packed house in San Diego to share the secrets on how he grew his financial advice website to its first one million visitors.

The idea for the site came after his sister, Kim, asked for his advice on the best credit card to apply for.

Being a financial analyst he wasn't surprised to be asked but says it took him weeks to stack up her options as he couldn't find any sources offering clear guidance.

When finished with his research, he put the data into a spreadsheet and hosted it online in the form of a credit card comparison tool.

Here's how the site looked back in 2009.

Tim knew how valuable his data was, but he wasn't sure how to get it out in front of people who would find it useful.

In his speech years later, looking back on his success, he put a lot of emphasis on having no budget or press teams to compete with his competition, who themselves were flush with cash to spend due to the nature of the industry (banks).

Tim decided that the only way he had a chance to compete was with SEO. Ranking his website in Google and picking up free, targeted traffic from its users.

After that decision, he set about with a clear focus: Create content so valuable that people link to it.

As you may know, links are one of the best ways that search engines determine how 'valuable' a website is, as we'll get into more in a moment.

Nine years since launching, NerdWallet has created more than 34,000 pieces of content, receiving links from 36,000 different websites.

Thanks to the link data we collect and share here at Detailed, we can see that the content they produce is still picking up links on a daily basis.

According to SimilarWeb, NerdWallet now receives an estimated 85% of its traffic from search engines (primarily Google). That percentage is even more impressive when you factor in that they reach around 15 million people each month.

Of course, Tim is not alone in having a large percentage of his audience find his site via search engines.

You can see the sites that lead each industry we track at Detailed are in a similar position.

The Top Sites in Every Niche We Track Benefit Massively from Search Traffic

It's that valuable to growing an online business

Ranks for terms related to their market like "how to repost on Instagram" and "Facebook cover photo size".


Monthly visitors


Search traffic


Ranks for terms like "bitcoin news" and "bitcoin price".


Monthly visitors


Search traffic


Smashing Magazine
Ranks for terms like "responsive iframe" and "!important css" which developers are known to search for.


Monthly visitors


Search traffic


Ranks for terms like "cost of living calculator" and "best credit cards" which is one of the most competitive keyphrases online.


Monthly visitors


Search traffic

Detail Img Column

Mind Body Green
Ranks for relevant keywords such as "anti inflammatory diet" and "benefits of drinking water".


Monthly visitors


Search traffic


Receives targeted traffic thanks to ranking for "how to cook quinoa" and "instant pot recipes".


Monthly visitors


Search traffic


Ranks for thousands of medical queries such as "flu symptoms" and "symptom checker".


Monthly visitors


Search traffic


Ranks for uplifting terms like "photography quotes" and specific photographers like "peter lik".


Monthly visitors


Search traffic


Business Insider
Dominates news coverage by ranking for one-word search queries like "trump", "bitcoin" and "tesla".


Monthly visitors


Search traffic


Lonely Planet
Ranks for popular locations such as "budapest" and "almafi coast".


Monthly visitors


Search traffic

There Are Three Main Criteria Search Engines Use to Rank Websites...and NerdWallet Used Them All

There are said to be more than 200 factors search engines like Google use to determine where to position a website in their results.

That said, it's common knowledge among practitioners of ranking websites that there are three things more important than anything else.

The first is the content you have on your site, which means the keywords you target and the overall theme of your site.

The second is your on-site structure: Whether your site clearly shows what it's about, that it loads quickly and is easy to crawl.

The third factor, which is what we focus on with Detailed Pro, is links.

How many links sites have from other websites in their industry helps search engines to determine how valuable a page (and website as a whole) truly is.

For this reason, there's a multi billion dollar industry in the US-alone focused on helping websites attract more links.

For the sake of being accurate, people will argue on what the 'top three' things are (we don't have access to Google's entire algorithm) but Google themselves had this to say last year when asked for the most important ranking factors...

"I can tell you what they are. It is content. And it’s links pointing to your site." - Andrey Lipattsev, Google Search Quality Analyst

Thanks to search analytics tools like SEMRush, we can see just how well Tim used this knowledge to his advantage.

Today NerdWallet ranks for over 1.9 million keywords in Google, worth an estimated $67.3m per month (!) if you were to buy that traffic through Google's Adwords offering.

There are many great examples of content they've written that people have linked to in droves, but here's one of my favourites.

They first released this study in 2015.

It was so successful that they released it again in 2016.

And then again in 2017.

I have no doubt that they will redo the study for 2018.

This single content-angle picks up new links every single year from quality sites in the finance space and beyond.

Links that drive traffic from their competitors, help search engines like Google give more value to the page (and the site) and cement NerdWallet as a top brand in the finance space.

It doesn't get much better than having sites like The New York Times covering your research.

Once they found a formula that worked for them, they replicate it each and every time, and have grown considerably since.

You might be blown away in a second when I reveal how many full-time staff they now have just focused on writing content.

There's just one problem...

These Insights Were Big in 2009. Today, Your Competition Already Know What Works

Lessons in the power of search traffic

I started writing about SEO back in 2006 at 16 years old.

Back then the focus of SEO was making sure your page URL's had-keywords-in-them-like-this and your website mark-up was search engine friendly.

Building links to your site quickly became understood as the most important thing you can do to improve search engine rankings.

As such, it didn't take long before link building and then content marketing (to get links) started to become commonplace, as you can see from the Google Trends screenshot below.

Using content to get noticed is becoming increasingly popular (and competitive)

There are other factors which Google looks at to determine where as site should rank (such as the location you're in, how fast the site loads and so on) but it's still agreed by people who rank websites that link building is crucial.

It's incredibly rare - dare I say you won't even find one - to find a site that ranks for a highly-searched for term that doesn't have links pointing to it.

A 2018 ranking factors survey from marketing agency Branded3 ranked 'link authority' as the most important Google ranking factor.

More specifically, they said:

"We are absolutely confident that links are the single biggest ranking factor. But link building is hard. It’s hard to get people to link to you."

Studies like this have been happening for over a decade, and every single time getting links to your site comes back as an incredibly important ranking factor if you want to get more search traffic.

This isn't new, and if you've been involved in ranking websites for even just a few days you'll know about this already.

Because it isn't new, multi-million dollar businesses exist solely around offering link building services. Some are legitimate, others push the boundaries of the Google guidelines to get results at any cost.

Here's the harsh reality...

If you want to put a dint in the success of NerdWallet you're going to have to compete with the 90 (yes, ninety) full-time writers they have producing content each day.

Getting your content noticed (and picking up links) is harder than ever before.

When webmasters around the web started to understand the power of picking up links, they started to give them out less than ever before.

Because of this, SEO's (myself included) had spells where we would rely on writing articles for other websites to get author credit in the way of a link. Building our own sites to link to each other or buying links from other sites in our field.

These are still common tactics, but not for Google's lack of trying to scare people away from doing them.

The web is more overloaded with information than ever before, and people will go to great lengths to make sure theirs is ranking above your own.

I'm not writing this to try and scare you. This is simply the way of the web in 2018.

Many recent studies have a more depressing outlook.

"BuzzSumo research found that the average article published in 2017 received just 4 social shares. More than 70% of content did not receive a single backlink."

We know what works, but unfortunately so does pretty much everyone else, and those people have budgets, time and manpower to help in their endeavours.

Fortunately, building quality links to your site is still a possibility, but it takes a more personal approach than automated targeting of the past.

In this next section we're going to cover how to actually get a link from sites like NerdWallet, rather than just admire how effective they are at picking up links themselves


With Detailed Pro We've Analysed More than 3,400 of the World's Top Websites to Find Genuine Link & Traffic Opportunities

And they're all organised in a beautiful members area

The link opportunities and traffic opportunities we've found vary across not only niches, but individual sites as well.

Our team of five spent 9 months (we had planned for three!) to not only find the top sites in the world that link out, but to also see what they link out to.

These link opportunities include things like:

  • Recommended product pages where sites happily share software and services in their niche
  • Weekly link-roundups where the top content is shared with their audience
  • Guest posting opportunities where your content can be posted on their website
  • Sites regularly looking for experts to quote

There is nothing spammy or automated or gimmicky about what we do. We're simply focused on matching what webmasters are looking for with what you have to offer.

To make finding the right opportunities for you much easier, we have a sorting option that allows you to search between different link opportunities.

Not only that, but you can also favourite the opportunities you like the most, or archive those you aren't interested in or have already taken action on.

We built an entirely custom system unlike anything you've seen before.

We literally wrote more than one million words (which is why it took us so long) to describe these opportunities so you can see exactly how to take advantage of them.


Automotive: 434 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

The automotive world went crazy when the team of Top Gear joined Amazon's newest venture into video production which brought us The Grand Tour.

What few webmasters could have predicted is that The Grand Tour actively looks for new writers for their site, in both free and paid positions.

If you're a gearhead (their words) and like writing, this could be the platform to help you get noticed.

Currently our second biggest category (partly because we operate in this niche ourselves), if you're in the Automotive space, these are the opportunities you need.


Beauty: 154 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Totally the Bomb is a lifestyle blog that reaches over 200,000 visitors every single month.

The site offers a number of link and traffic opportunities including guest posting, advertising, idea submissions and open comments.

The 'Popular posts' section in their sidebar is also great for content inspiration for webmasters in this niche.

This is a tough niche to build links but the opportunities definitely exist, and we've found them.


Business & Marketing: 414 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities is a human-curated list of the best articles in business and marketing, updated a few times per week.

If you have good content and it's relevant to the niche, you can use their 'submit link' option to have your article reviewed and possibly shared.

There is nothing to "game" and no way to force yourself on the list. Just a real opportunity if you write content the owner likes.

If you run a SaaS company, sell products or services or blog and want to get in front of more business and marketing enthusiasts, you'll love the more than 400 opportunities inside Detailed Pro.


Careers: 191 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Top Resume is the largest resume writing service in the world helped in part by their websites abundance of career-related advice.

The site pulls in huge traffic numbers due to the practical articles on topics such as building a resume, networking, salary negotiation and tips when searching for jobs.

If you have experience in this field, you can submit your own content to appear on the site as a guest post which they're very open to; allowing you to introduce your writing to a new audience.

TopResume is just one of the many career industry sites we display in Detailed Pro that can really help you to get your brand noticed in this field.


Cryptocurrency: 151 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

With heightened interest, following and investments in the cryptocurrency space, we simply had to create a database to house the opportunities we’ve uncovered.

Coinschedule is just one of the sites that presents the chance for exposure of any brand in this niche.

Great content is rewarded, while attempting to game the system is actively discouraged (from us as well).

If you have the content, there's a waiting audience.


Design & Development: 436 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Designer News brings together a community of those with a shared interest in design and development with a Reddit-like interface.

As with Reddit, users can submit and vote on the best content. The top stories (as decided by the community) can receive a lot of targeted traffic.

Great content is rewarded, while attempting to game the system is actively discouraged (from us as well).

If you have the content, there's a waiting audience.


Fashion: 85 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Jo-Lynne Shane is an accidental fashion blogger, who now utilises her site to share tips and opinions on all things beauty and fashion.

The site has built up a very engaged audience, with articles receiving an impressive amount of interaction from the hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors.

Jo-Lynne encourages those in the fashion industry to share their own work on the site through guest posting opportunities.

Many types of fashion products are also reviewed, giving another opportunity to enhance your brand or product reach to a targeted audience.


Finance: 418 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

The finance database we've compiled is by far our most comprehensive.

We showcase sites that allow you to receive industry relevant links and recognition, including big sites like Rockstar Finance.

Their directory links out to almost 1,500 of the best financial resources online.

There is also an engaging forum on the site which allows you to support and build a relationship with those who could well be potential customers of your brand.


Food & Cooking: 154 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Chowhound, a food resource website launched in 1997, which has since grown to over half a million visitors per month.

The site offers a number of great opportunities for food brands to grow their reach.

This includes a forum of food enthusiasts who have contributed to thousands of discussion, guest posting and business partnership opportunities.

Any of these could well prove beneficial in growing both the number of backlinks and website traffic you receive.

Many of the sites featured in our database boast large and engaging audiences of food professionals and enthusiasts that you could reach.


Health & Fitness: 400 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Healthiack brings a daily dose of health information to its large reader base.

The site encourages those with experience in health related topics to write for the site and introduce your brand to the 100k+ monthly visitors.

Sites like Healthiak can also provide a great form of content inspiration as they show the number of times the articles have been shared online.

If you are looking for article suggestions, then finding out what was and currently is hot, can provide some great ideas for your own site.

Our health and fitness database provides opportunities for those looking to put their niche relevant site in front of some passionate webmasters and their audiences.


Language Learning: 102 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Polyglot Club is a language learning community, used by people all over the word, interested in learning languages.

The site allows visitors to submit their own language resource to the links page. There is also the opportunity to build meaningful and constructive relationships via the popular discussions on the site.

If you have an event or a publication to showcase to a targeted audience, then Polyglot will allow you to do just that.

Our database of language related sites can provide you with a great way of introducing your brand to a passionate set of viewers.


Law: 153 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Law Depot supplies legal documents for things like real estate, finance and business to it’s 1MM+ monthly visitors.

Not only can visitors discover great content ideas through the most popular content section. There are also ways to introduce your own brand to their audience.

With guest posting on the site encouraged, you could showcase your own work to entice visitors to your site, and raise your brand profile at the same time.

The legal sites featured in our database are visited by both professionals and customers looking for advice. With that said there are some great opportunities to drive relevant traffic and links to your website.


Parenting: 185 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

CafeMom treat their hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to a wide range of parenting topics.

Getting your own presence in front of this audience could prove incredibly beneficial, and there are a number of ways of doing so..

The site has a forum, in which you could contribute real value, whilst supporting other members of the community. This could help to position your brand as a leader in this field.

CafeMom also allows guest post contributors to the site, presenting an opportunity for you to showcase your knowledge and writing talents to a new audience.


Photography: 156 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

When building the photography database for Detailed Pro, it was soon evident that the photography community was both incredibly passionate and engaged.

The audience of Photography Life are no exception.

The articles on the site often attract dozens upon dozens of comments from their hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors.

Photography Life showcases the latest news, reviews, techniques and tutorials for all things photography.

You have the opportunity to develop a relationship with the site’s readers via guest posting on the website. This can showcase your own talent and writing style, and entice people to your own resource.

The forum is another please to join in meaningful discussions and add value, to really position yourself as an industry expert.


Travel: 419 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Do It Yourself RV helps visitors with practical advice and interesting facts about mobile living.

The articles on the site cover a wide range of topics, which are popular with the 300k+ visitors per month.

As with many of the travel sites that we have featured in the database, they encourage other writers in the travel niche to share their thoughts and expertise in the form of a guest post.

If you wish to pass on your knowledge and introduce your brand to a new audience, then contributing to the site could be a great way of building rapport with others.

Our database contains sites in all aspects of travel including flying, hotels, food and inspiring locations.


Weddings: 155 Detailed Traffic & Link Opportunities

Do you own a resource in the Wedding niche? Despite this being a fiercely competitive niche, we’ve found some fantastic link and traffic opportunities to put your brand in front of your perfect audience.

As a source of inspiration for brides-to-be, Something Turquoise is just one example. As well as tutorials and ideas, the site features a number of other wedding based business’ listed as resources on the site.

There is also the opportunity to submit your own photos and guest posts.

If you can showcase your knowledge and value to the hundreds of thousands of visitors, this could well raise the profile of your own brand.

We’re proud of the number of real opportunities we are able to highlight within the wedding industry.

We Used These Opportunities to Get Press For This Very Website in March 2018

Lessons in the power of search traffic

It wouldn't be right if we weren't using these opportunities ourselves.

Not only would it be hypocritical, but we would stupidly be missing out on some great link opportunities that take minutes of work to attain.

We've honestly been too busy building Detailed to focus on promoting it yet, but picked up a few quick links to show what is still possible.

The following three links (more to come) were all picked up within the space of 5 days in March of 2018.

The first, below, was a mention on Spin Sucks, a relevant site for marketing pros.

March 9th, 2018. There are eight comments on the post. It's not just a "link". Real people see it.

I especially like this example as it picked up real comments from real people. We do want to build links that people might click on as well. They're not just for search engines.

The key to this kind of opportunity is that you want to give some value back to the website owner. I wasn't trying to 'game' their site or get anything from them. Just offer some value regarding what they typically talk about.

Similarly, when I reached out to PureVPN, they thought it would be valuable to interview me for an article, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Four days later on March 13th I was interviewed about online business. I reached out to them. They had no idea who I was before.

This link was picked up just four days after the previous one. You can actually see the date under the headline.

If we're going to be picky (I don't blame you) my name, highlighted, is not a link, but there is one within the article (I just wanted a nicer looking screenshot).

On the same day, I was quoted by Bouncezap - a website focused towards marketers - with my thoughts on video marketing.

On the same day as the previous screenshot, I was quoted by BounceZap.

I really don't like sharing these in public to 'show off' as I don't want the actual websites involved to feel like I was just talking to them to put their screenshot here, so I think we'll stop with three.

The end result is that we practice what we preach, and you can still get links in 2018.

BounceZap and SpinSucks took around two minutes of effort each, while PureVPN took around 45 minutes as I wanted to give them quality answers for the interview.

What's the deal?

With Detailed Pro You'll Learn Step-by-Step How to Pick Up These Types of Links for Your Sites

It's about matching your value with sites that want it.

The few examples you saw above did not come about because people knew about me or Detailed or anything like that.

I proactively reached out to each of those authors to share relevant information they could cover in an article.

This is just one aspect of the types of links we have inside Detailed Pro, of which there are dozens of style of opportunities.

Some take a bit of work - like answering interview questions on a related blog - while others are as simple as clicking 'submit link'.

With that clarified, we want to do something a little bit radical.

We want to show you an alternative to buying our product altogether, and what that would entail.


How Much Would It Cost to Build Your Own Link Database?

We've already mentioned that to put Detailed Pro together, it took five people nine months to find these opportunities.

These were not VA's that we had to "train".

These are people - myself included - who have in SEO and know how search engine rankings work.

I, Glen, personally found around 80% of our entire available opportunities.

A lot of the work involved was writing out how to attain each opportunity. As such, there are over one million unique words of content inside Pro.

That said, we know for your specific situation you likely don't need a million words of text.

Perhaps there's only one or two niches you care about.

One asset that was invaluable to us when building this database was clickstream data.

Clickstream data is simply anonymized access to a websites traffic sources to see who is linking to and talking about them.

The cheapest clickstream data provider that we know of starts their pricing at $6,000 per year. We've had other suppliers pitch us six-figure sums to access data around a single niche (and even then we have to format it ourselves so that it's readable).

Without this access our data would have taken far longer than it did to collect, and I doubt we would have found as many opportunities as we did.

Of course, you don't need clickstream data. It's not the only thing we used.

You can head to Google and type queries 'top [niche] blogs' or 'niche [guest posts]', but there's a bit of a big problem with this approach.

Everyone else is doing the same thing.

Every SEO blog that started two days ago is already sharing the search queries you can "use to get links".

If you can pick up these links with ease, then so can your competition, meaning you're not really setting yourself apart.

Second of all, the amount of sites in these blog lists or guest post lists that are no longer active is incredible.

In 2018 alone we had to delete more than 100 sites from our database that were active in 2017 but have since stopped being updated this year.

There are said to be 170,000 new websites created every single day. I would estimate 169,900 of them don't stay active past their first year. Even those that make 'top blog lists' often fade into obscurity.

Thirdly, most lists repeat the same sites over and over again. You might find 50 unique sites from five different lists of top websites in a niche.

In industries like Automotive, Finance, Business & Marketing and Design & Development we have over 400 documented opportunities.

I guarantee you won't find this many sites from Google queries around your niche. Even less so websites that are still active in 2018.

Finally, it's not enough to just 'have a list of potential link opportunities'. If you're the person approving or even implementing these links, it's going to take a lot of time to check each website to see what the link opportunity actually is.

We invested so much time and money into Detailed Pro so you can skip all of that hassle, save yourself thousands of dollars in staff costs (and countless hours in time), and get instant access to the best link opportunities we can find.

I think you'll agree that in the section below, we've made the pricing an absolutely huge saving on how much it would cost for you to replicate our work.

Please note that we genuinely do have limited spaces available in order to keep our opportunities more valuable.

Get Instant Access to Proven Link Building Opportunities

Our launch customers share their feedback on Detailed Pro
Single Niche
Any category
$ 197 /yr
  • 434 detailed opportunities
  • Just $0.45 per opportunity
  • Fully sortable database
  • New opportunities weekly

  • Full instant access

  • Private SEO case studies

  • Only 8 available spaces each month
Every Opportunity
All categories
$ 997 /yr

Get every single opportunity we share (3,000+) in 17 different categories and save $2,352.

Perfect for SEO agencies or anyone with a number of different websites, you'll also get access to five exclusive SEO case studies.

Two spaces left for Jul.

Done For You
Pricing starts at...
$ 2K /m

Want to sit back and have someone to take care of your entire SEO strategy, including link building and content creation?

Prices start at $2K/m, but before you spend a penny, schedule a free call with us.

No pressure. Just a 15 minute chat.

Our writing on link building and SEO has been featured by some big names...

Detailed Pro Testimonials

Our launch customers share their feedback on Detailed Pro
So who are we?

We've Been Ranking Websites in Google for 12 Years

In that time, so much has changed...

Over the past decade we've seen an done it all.

From guest posting, pagerank sculpting, utilising PBN's and everything in between, we've done our best to stay on top of what works, right now, in Google.

We've done far more link building for clients than we ever had for our own properties, but as it's not smart to share client links on a page like this, here are some of our humble achievements.

The aim of the following examples isn't to blow you away, but rather to show how long we've been in the game of ranking websites.

2006 Ranking for 'DJ Forums' and 'DJ Equipment'

One of my first online loves, at 16 years old, was a social network for DJ's named MyDJSpace (MySpace was the dominant social network at the time) which I worked on with two other people.

In all honesty, the website ranked accidentally due to the great content we had, but after seeing the traffic come in from Google, I was hooked on learning how to get more of it.

The site would later be mentioned in a published book - DJ'ing for Dummies - which was certainly one of the highlights of my teenage years.

2008 First Page for 'Personal Development' and 'Personality Development'

When I moved from England to South Africa a short while later, I started a personal development blog called PluginID (no longer online) which talked about all aspects of life that I was trying to improve on.

Two terms I decided to target to increase search engine rankings were personal development and personality development.

I didn't really even know what personality development was but the Google Keyword Tool said it picked up a lot of searches so I built a page around it.

Almost entirely down to the links I built for these pages, the site made it to second in Google for 'personality development' (the more popular of the two with 40,000 searches per month) and on the first page for 'personal development'.

I would later sell the site for a mid-five-figure fee. Helped in large part due to the search traffic it was receiving.

2010 - NOW First Page Rankings for 'Wordpress SEO'

One ranking I'm particularly proud of is a first page listing for 'Wordpress SEO' where I fluctuate from 3rd to 7th..

The reason I'm proud of this ranking is because my article is literally competing with the top marketers in the world. The top SEO's who understand Google rankings and link building.

2016 ONWARDS Ranking Literal One-Page Websites #1

I write about many topics related to SEO, but one that seemed to get a lot of buzz is the one page websites that I rank.

The reason people like to see this is because it defies what should rank in search engines. One page websites shouldn't rank anywhere and shouldn't be seen as valuable.

They aren't ranking for terms that get thousands of searches per month, but they do pick up traffic.

I'm not writing about this to impress you, but to give an idea of how much SEO testing we're involved in to see what really works.

Most Importantly, We've Worked with 300+ SEO Clients

A focus on links.

Over the past decade we've seen an done it all.

From guest posting, pagerank sculpting, utilising PBN's and everything in between, we've done our best to stay on top of what works, right now, in Google.

We haven't always gotten perfect results - there are no guarantees in search - but we've help some businesses triple their revenue due to our efforts.

In-between we've consulted for huge brands including an 8-figure Saas company, who we offered advice for when moving their site to a new domain name.

"When we changed our domain to, the SEO rankings took an obvious hit. Thanks to Glen's in-depth investigation of our new website and clear, to-the-point recommendations, we were able to get our rankings and leads back in a few short months." - Siddharth Deswal

The work we've done for others across a vast number of different niches is one of the reasons I felt ready to put a program like this together.

The blog that I'm most known for in the SEO world is called 'ViperChill' -- it's the one that ranks for 'Wordpress SEO'.

I write for the website very rarely, the last post being over a year ago, but it has picked up some nice accolades.

"The Best Marketing Articles of All Time"

Ahrefs were kind to mention ViperChill twice in their 2018 blog post on the best marketing articles of all time.

When looking for links to ViperChill to put in this section, I was surprised to see that I had been talked about on Yahoo a few years back (I literally had no idea before now).

"20 of The Most Important SEO Blogs Online"

Similarly, I had no idea that the marketing software provider, a stock-exchange listed company, had featured one of my articles as one of the 10 best SEO resources to bookmark.

"How to Learn SEO: 10 of the Best Resources to Bookmark"

Finally, I can't forget getting featured in a Forbes piece thanks to a good friend of mine, Neal.

"Glen Allsopp, who has been building and marketing websites since he was 15"

It's really not my style to highlight so many mentions like this, but hopefully it shows how long I've been involved in ranking websites.

Detailed Pro is not just a list of links.

We're called Detailed for a reason.
Active Websites

All sites in our database have been checked and updated for 2018 to ensure they're still active.

Proven Opportunities

No paid links or PBN's; just legitimate traffic sources that top websites rely on.

Contact Emails

Although we only share publicly available email addresses, 75% of opportunities include them.

People That Link Out

We didn't secretly build these sites so you can get links. They have real owners.

Easily Sortable

Sort our database by 10 link types to only show what you're interested in for each niche.

Unique to Detailed

We hand-researched every opportunity ourselves. No 'lists' or similar were purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions and answers
How quickly will I receive access?

Access should be instant. If you have any issues at all we're almost always online via live chat (purple circle bottom right).

You'll receive everything you purchased at once. We won't drip-feed the suggestions to you or anything sneaky like that.

What's to stop these opportunities from being abused?

Most opportunities are only possible to attain if you have an active, quality site in a particular niche. For instance, you can't get a link from unless you write a quality marketing article.

To limit your competition, we also only allow 8 new customers per month to access a particular category (less than 100 per year).

What kind of opportunities will you send me? Just guest posts?

Typical opportunities include: Resource page links, high-quality niche directories, guest posts, advertising, social submission and live press opportunities that work incredibly well.

It's easy to find a list of sites that accept guest posts, for example, but they're usually out of date (mentioning sites that no longer accept them). All Detailed opportunities include sites active in 2018.

Are opportunities sent via reports, email or ...?

We spent months building a beautiful custom back-end to this website where you can sort, search and favorite the opportunities.

At 50,000 words per category (on average), we thought sending things via email or PDF's would be a little bit messy.

Do you guarantee I can get X amount of visitors / links?

We can't do that or the opportunities we share would not be legitimate (and quickly worthless). That said, many opportunities are very easy and very quick to pick up, as long as you have a relevant site in the space.

What if Google signed-up and saw your link suggestions?

We'll put our competitors in the suggestions just to be safe. We kid!

In all seriousness, no traffic / links are guaranteed so there's nothing to be abused. We're about helping you find hyper-focused opportunities in your niche, which we think Google would recommend.

Can I ask another question?

Of course. Please send an email to with your questions.

How do you find these link / traffic opportunities?

We find them primarily through clickstream data. This means we look at big sites in a niche, find who is sending them traffic, and look for other opportunities to attain those traffic and links for your site as well.

Our opportunities wouldn't be as valuable without this data.

Can I sign-up on behalf of my clients? Can I share data with them?

Signing-up on behalf of your clients is totally fine, as is sharing our custom opportunities with them in your own white-labelled package (within reason).

All we ask is that our suggestions are not released into public domain as they are all written uniquely by our Detailed team.

I want links for a non-English site. Can you help?

Every opportunity inside Detailed Pro was found for sites primarily looking for English-speaking traffic. No site primarily publishes content in another language.

Finding great traffic and link opportunities requires a really good grasp of another language, so we don't just want to hire others to 'fill in the gaps' in other languages as we want to ensure a quality offering.

Can I share my login details with my team?

Each account is limited to 3 IP's per day, designed to allow you to access our suggestions via desktop, tablet and / or phone in different locations.

If you're in an office environment, anyone can log-in on that same IP address -- no problems there.

Do I have to spend more money to acquire traffic or links?

Many sites have advertising options available, which do come with a chance to pick up links. Most suggestions are based around sites which have great resource pages, offer guest posting, or are open to building relationships in their industry (which often results in link opportunities).

Do you offer refunds if I'm not happy?

As we can't take back our opportunities from you after you've seen them, we don't offer refunds.

Our aim is to blow you away with our offering at this price and you can always view our examples above to get an idea of what to expect.

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