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I Purchased an $80 Plugin Today Because of Content Marketing

It's Easy to Forget Why We Do This

While I put in a lot of hours to make sure that Detailed updates highlight side projects, blog posts and tools that picked up a lot of traffic and links, it’s easy to forget what they’re all for: To make more sales.

There’s no point in getting tens of thousands of people to your website (like getting on the homepage of Reddit) if they aren’t actually going to purchase, subscribe, promote or at least bookmark your content for future reference.

Today I headed over to the Wordfence blog – a company I trust to secure my WordPress websites – for advice on managing WordPress backups.

As Detailed Pro begins to grow, I wanted to make sure we have multiple levels of backups (it’s not installed on the same place as as our data is becoming increasingly valuable by the day.

Wordfence pointed me to this page on Updraft, which is a comparison table of the best WordPress backup plugins.

I didn’t initially realise that the ‘winning plugin’ was also the owner of the website I viewed the comparison table on.

While the stats are undoubtedly biased in their favor, I value my time and didn’t want to spend hours upon hours looking for a plugin that could complete a relatively simple job.

I know there are free plugins out there, but I also pay for Wordfence as I value what they do, so I was happy to pay for a plugin to backup my websites as well. Even if I already have frequent server backups in place.

The page doesn’t have a ton of backlinks or a ton of social shares. In fact, it has very few backlinks.

But when a source I trust (Wordfence) sent me to a compelling piece of content (a table comparing a number of different plugins) my mind was made within seconds. Those two very simple concepts aligned to make me part with $80 when I hadn’t even heard of the company before today.

I know this update isn’t some mind-blowing piece of viral content (that I usually try to share), but instead I thought today I would go back to the basics.

Remember, there’s a reason we’re trying to create something amazing that makes people stick around: So people talk about us, like what we offer, and purchase our products and services.

While content marketing isn’t easy and there isn’t an exact science to it, there is a clear goal for what you’re doing, so keep that in mind even when you might not be getting the results you hoped for early on.

I’m here to help you however I can, every step of the way.

P.S. I had considered that there was some kind of marketing arrangement between Wordfence and Updraft but Wordfence have been pretty vocal about Updraft being hacked in the past, so I personally doubt anything like that went on.

P.P.S I’m opening my site reviews again for a few more days – 100% of donations go to charity – if you’re interested in having me personally critique what you’re working on.

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