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‘Signs You’re ____’ Is an Incredibly Powerful Headline Formula

27,000 Facebook Likes / 37,000 LinkedIn Shares

I’ve shared a number of ‘headline formulas’ at Detailed over the past few months, but this one might just be the best yet.

The structure is simple: You create a headline which includes the words ‘Signs You’re ____’ and fill in the gaps with something relevant to your industry.

For example, a recent article on Forbes went viral with the headline Five Signs You’re Successful — Whether You Know It or Not.

Despite the less than reader-friendly design of the page, the article quickly went viral on social media, picking up over 37,000 shares on LinkedIn alone.

Although a headline always has to be backed up with great content, I believe the reason this type of headline can work so well as you’re likely to say to yourself “Yep, that’s me!” as you’re reading through one of these types of articles.

New Zealand’s Stuff magazine recently updated their article titled ’12 signs you’re an extroverted introvert’.

It has been liked on Facebook more than 1.1 million times, further proving how audiences can relate to this type of post.

Last year, blog Power of Positivity published an uplifting article for all of the men out there when they released ’11 Signs You’re a Good Man’.

It was shared on Facebook more than 197,000 times.

If you’re reading one of these types of articles and you start to relate to the answers – “Yep, I do that, I must be a good guy.” – there’s more of a chance that you’re actually going to share something with others.

Finally, for a more Buzzfeed-esque finale, viral-news website Pizza Bottle picked up 200,000 Facebook likes when they went live with ’23 Signs You’re That Crazy Girlfriend.’

If women could relate, you can be sure they’re sharing it with their friends.

What are the signs that someone is something in your niche?

Maybe now’s the time to write that answer in the open.

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