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The Simple Dollar is Back With Another Twist Post That Brings in 43,000 Visitors Per Month

5,590 Backlinks, 723 Referring Domains

In the early days of Detailed I wrote about ‘twist posts’ and how good they are at picking up links.

If you missed my thoughts on the topic, here’s a quick summary: Twist posts are like list posts (’11 ways to do this’, ‘top 10 tips for that’) but much more in-depth and can involve hundreds of tips or suggestions.

If you haven’t yet put together a twist post for your site, consider this a reminder of such a simple yet powerful tactic.

How to Save Money: 100 Great Tips to Get You Started (link) is a post from Trent Hamm that goes into great detail offering money-saving advice for his readers.

I’ve covered Trent Hamm’s The Simple Dollar a few times here at Detailed because he knows how to write content that attracts links, and this recently-updated post is no exception.

It has picked up almost as many links from different sites (723) as it has shares on LinkedIn (796) which is no small feat for a personal finance blog.

What’s more, the post is ranking for almost 3,000 keywords, which bring in an estimated 43,600 visitors per month from search engines.

If that doesn’t encourage you to try your hand at putting together a twist post, I’m not sure what will.

Some of the terms the article ranks for include:

  • how to save money
  • ways to save money
  • how to save money fast
  • best ways to save money

While I can’t deny the article is doing well in Google because of the authority of the domain it’s on, the depth of twist posts certainly helps — it’s no secret that search engines tend to rank longer articles higher.

The post was originally published in 2013, but a recent update just last month on the 18th of October has saw it regain some of it’s earlier rankings, and bring in a substantial amount of traffic.

If you’re looking to write an article which can clearly stand the test of time and provide everlasting value to your audience, consider putting together a twist post that gets people talking.

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