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This Job Board Concept Can Be Applied to Anything (And It’s Really Smart)

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If you click on the ‘Job Board’ category in the Detailed sidebar, you’ll find an example of a job board which has picked up thousands of links.

While today’s example has “only” picked up 231 links, it did launch this month, which makes those low numbers actually quite impressive.

Limbo does something quite different to any other job board I’ve seen: People looking for a job share their skills and dream position anonymously, and then let employers pitch them.

When I first came across the site on Twitter I didn’t ‘get’ why this would work. Why would employers reach out to people they don’t know, and why would you want to be anonymous when looking for a new job?

The answer to the second question – I guess – is that you may not want your current employer to know you’re hunting for a new career path.

Writing out the above sentence, I guess I’ve answered the first question as well: Employers might get to find people who they wouldn’t see on a typically open and public job board.

It’s a smart idea, and it got enough people talking that it has already picked up some nice link juice.

Interestingly, when I look at their about page, my ‘answers’ to the questions I had might not actually be on Limbo’s radar.

Instead, they state that the reason they want people to list their skills anonymously is because “Candidates from diverse backgrounds are unfairly burdened by implicit bias: great candidates get through the door less often.”

I hadn’t thought of that, but it also makes complete sense.

So now I ask, are there other industries or angles where this kind of anonymous sharing could make sense?

If you’re looking for my personal suggestions, I don’t really have any (for once).

That makes my headline kind of ironic, I know. Surely there are other avenues where this type of privacy could make for a really interesting side project?

What about…

  • A place where you could submit your music talent and have local bands reach out?
  • A site for ‘blind’ dating, where you don’t get to see pictures of someone until you chat more?
  • A place to build your online mastermind group where you can’t see who is behind the credentials?

I like that this is tough creatively, because whoever can come up with a smart idea where being anonymous could be a bonus may find themselves picking up a lot of traffic and links.

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