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Capterra Will Make You Question Whether Stats Sell Better Than Sex

Links from Huffington Post and TechCrunch

They might not be sexy, but stats sell.

Whether it’s a college essay or a sales page, statistics can help add authority to any argument and bring people round to your way of thinking.

A perfect example of this is the blog post “Statistics That Prove Email Marketing Is Still Not Dead” from Capterra.

This post has been shared over 1000 times and linked to on 443 referring domains – and the links are still rolling in.

Huff Po, Techcrunch, Quicksprout and Kissmetrics are just some of the big players who have linked back to the post.

Initially published in 2014, the post was initially composed of just 15 Email Marketing stats, 3 charts and two infographics.

It was updated in 2015 with 7 stats and again in 2016 with 13 stats (and a few visuals). There isn’t an update for 2017, but I imagine they could quickly update it if they wished.

So what makes this blog post so successful?

Well, Capterra have chosen an interesting argument from their space – “Is Email Marketing Dead?” – and it’s one that their audience are likely to have a strong opinion on.

Naturally, those who provide email marketing services will be motivated to link to the article, and many related websites have also added it to their “Resources” section.

This undoubtedly helps this blog post (and by extension the Capterra website) become seen as an authority in their space.

There is a lot to admire from Capterra’s example and use in our own content marketing efforts.

Firstly, the headline formula: “Statistics That Prove XYZ is (still) not Dead” can be applied to a variety of niches.

Of course, this will mainly suit niches where things die off rather quickly. It should be relatively easy to craft similar pieces in the SEO, Sales & Marketing, and Digital niches.

For example:

  • Statistics That Prove SEO / Link Building / Web 2.0 Links is not dead
  • Statistics That Prove Print Advertising Is Not Dead
  • Statistics That Prove Cold Calling Is Not Dead
  • Statistics That Prove Amazon Affiliate Sites Are Not Dead

With a bit of imagination, you could use the sentence formula for other niches such as “Statistics That Prove Cruise Holidays Are Not Dead.”

To make it even easier to think of examples, I would add a twist to this particular headline formula, for example, “Statistics That Prove XYZ Is Still Insanely Popular” or “Statistics That Prove Hiring A Car Is Still Insanely Popular.”

This little tweak might help those in sales-orientated niches.

Whatever version you use, be sure to pick a subject that your audience finds interesting, relevant and likely has an opinion on already.

If your stats confirm their particular bias (especially if your headline is connected to a product or service) then it’s even more likely to attract links. You really can’t beat confirmation bias!

And a few words about gathering the stats…

There is the potential for a bit of a “Chicken & Egg” situation here. You might have a blockbuster idea, and then find the stats are impossible to find or out-of-date.

Remember, the topic you choose should be important and relevant so there’s a good chance it will already be discussed elsewhere.

Capterra’s method was to take one statistic from a variety of authority websites in their niche.

This also provides some great opportunity to do some outreach once the post is published. You could reach out to the various websites and thank them for compiling their statistic. Casually let them know your report (linked) wouldn’t be complete without it…

Alternatively, being the first in your niche to publish statistics on the topic could also get a lot of traction.

One way to do this is to simply Google “XYZ List Stats”.

There are also some general statistic websites that can help, such as The Bureau Of Labor Statistics in the USA and the Office For National Statistics in the UK.

Do you have a divisive issue in your industry or one where people are simply misinformed?

Can you find a list of statistics and compile them into a single article?

If so, your next piece of content could help establish your website as an authority on the subject.

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