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Why ‘Science Confirms’ Might Be Your Best Headline Idea Yet

372,000 views in two weeks

I have written about this topic in much more detail than this example. If you would like to learn more, please click here.

Headlines that mention anything to do with science or research make us feel like an article is true and factual, rather than just opinion-based.

A recent ‘science confirms’ article from Business Insider received 126,000 views within two weeks of going live, no doubt helped by the “scientific angle” they portray.

That’s for the UK version of the article. The US edition picked up over 372,000 views.

Business Insider really seem to like this type of research-based headline for good reason: It works.

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Debunk the Myths Surrounding Your Niche and Go Viral

5.1 million pageviews

There really isn’t too much to say about this angle other than if it’s executed properly, it works.

All you have to do is take common misconceptions about something in your niche and show why they’re just that…misconceptions.

Amazon-owned Business Insider wrote about 101 science myths that have been debunked and received over 5 million views on their article.

If you’re looking for your next piece to go viral, you may want to consider letting the world know why others in your niche might just be saying things which simply aren’t true.

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900 Reasons You Should Compare Two Products In Your Niche

900 backlinks

When we’re looking to make a decision between two (or more) similar items, many of us search online for some advice on the pros and cons of each option.

An example that shows the true potential with ‘comparison’ content is an article from Search Engine Land.

They compared two hot products on the market in 2017: Amazon Echo and Google Home.

As well as the article providing a great resource for anyone wishing to compare, it also picked up 900 backlinks from sites like Techmeme and

That’s a lot of links for an article that was only written at the end of last year.

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How Using Satire Led to 43,000 Facebook Shares in One Week

43,000 facebook shares

If there’s one content angle I’m scared to try myself, it’s satire.

If you can write something convincingly enough that people know it’s fake but they have some doubts, you can find people sharing your story in the millions.

I’ve written more about succeeding with satire here.

Recently a blog named McSweeney’s wrote about how they only hire staff who are 23 years old because old people don’t have many creative ideas.

In less than a week the article has been shared on Facebook more than 43,000 times, undoubtedly sending a lot of first time visitors to the McSweeney’s website.

There is a lot of discussion these days on diversity when hiring people (even down to their age), so not only was the article cleverly written, it was also written at the perfect time.

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7.5 Million Reasons a Tech Blog Keeps Writing About Netflix Shows

Hint: google

With Netflix having amassed almost 100 million subscribers, with over 50 million in the US alone, there’s likely to be a huge overlap between your own audience and people who use the service.

In my opinion, the Netflix interface leaves much to be desired, with their mass of content being difficult to trawl through.

With 7.5 million people each month heading to Google for Netflix suggestions, Amazon-owned tech blog Business Insider regularly write recommendations for users.

Could you put together a list of the best shows on Netflix for your industry?

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