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The Arena Group

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Updated September 9th, 2023 by Glen Allsopp
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The Arena Group are publicly-listed under the ticker $AREN

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The Arena Group Revenue

The Arena Group are publicly-listed under the ticker $AREN

The Arena Group, behind popular brands like Sports Illustrated, The Street, Parade and Men’s Journal today posted revenues of $58.8M for the second quarter of 2023. A 9% increase compared to the previous year.

Digital revenue alone accounted for $38.4M, a 10% increase on the same quarter of 2022. Print revenue increased 9% to $20.4M, helped by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s 2023 launch.

While the average number of monthly pageviews across their networks of sites were down 12%, they were able to grow their overall income as revenue per pageview increased by 35%.

The Arena Group Traffic & SEO

Using first and third-party data in our research

In their Q2 2023 report, they revealed their finance vertical – with their most popular site in the space being The Street – had a record quarter with 38 million monthly average pageviews. This is from their own Google Analytics data, showing numbers were up 31% compared to the prior-year quarter.

Other sites in their finance vertical include ToughNickel and Dealbreaker.

The Arena Group, then TheMaven acquired TheStreet back in 2019 in a $16.5M cash deal, so they’ll be relieved the site is continuing to perform well.

Similarweb estimates the site gets around 31.4% of its 37M monthly visits from organic search, trailing referral traffic which sits at 49.7%.

Another brand that saw increased traffic was Parade, an entertainment, lifestyle and health brand that started life as a print magazine back in 1941. The last edition of the magazine was published in 2022.

The Arena Group noted that Parade saw a 33% increase in monthly average pageviews compared to the same quarter in the prior year. Again this is measured in Google Analytics, rather than a third-party estimate.

What’s interesting is that in my 16 companies dominating Google article, on point #38 I revealed how they redirected a lot of their pet-related content to a brand new domain at

If they are only counting in the analytics here, it’s really impressive it has continued to grow by a significant amount despite essentially losing a lot of content.

In September of 2023 they shared that Sports Illustrated F1 boasted nearly 120,000 followers on TikTok, noting it’s one of the fastest-growing Formula 1 accounts on the site.

They also shared that social traffic to Parade grew 161% year over year, according to their own internal data.

The Arena Group Network

Changes are made here every month

We currently track 45 sites for The Arena Group:

Network Updates

In recent months Sports Illustrated launched a Formula 1 news section on the domain at /fannation/racing/f1briefings/.

In their earnings report they stated it’s “now the second largest F1-focused site after just eight months, according to data from Comscore and MRI-Simmons.”

I wouldn’t personally call this another ‘site’ but I guess that’s standard terminology in this space.

I’m a little bit surprised that this section of the site even exists since they already have a dedicated F1 area on the much cleaner URL at

I’m guessing different teams are working on the main content compared to the teams working under the ‘FanNation’ brand but I won’t pretend to have any insights there.

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