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Travel Marketing and Link Building Case Studies

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This New Weather Side-Project Has Already Picked up 25,000 Backlinks

24,400 Backlinks / 370 Referring Domains

Who knew that a new website about raining would be drowning in link juice?

Terrible opening sentences aside, the side project I’m about to share with you is almost like a weather version of which lets you know if a website is online or your internet is playing up.

IsItRaining.In let’s you – you guessed it – check any city to see if it’s currently raining in that area. Simply put a forward slash and type in a city name and you’ll get results for a particular area.

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Reader Profiling: One Thing I Wish I Had Done More Of (And You Should Too)

13.7K Facebook Shares

One thing, not the one thing (there are quite a few) I wish I had done more of during my blogging ‘career’ is to highlight the success stories of both readers and those close to the space.

It’s odd, because one of the most successful posts ever shared on ViperChill was the unveiling of a reader and friend, Ramsay from Blog Tyrant.

When profiled the lives of five Indian women who travel solo around the world, it really struck a chord and went viral, being shared on Facebook more than 13,000 times.

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The Condé Nast Awards Have Links from 1,400 Different Websites

12,200 backlinks / 1,400 referring domains

The Condé Nast traveler awards document the best new hotels in various locations.

Though they offer a number of specific awards, the main attraction is no doubt their award for the ‘best new hotels in the world’.

Condé Nast judges analyse hotels from over 50 different countries before revealing their 75 eventual winners.

Their more specific awards are targeted towards certain areas, so they also offer the ‘best hotel’ award in regions like North America, Europe and the Caribbean.

The awards page on their site alone has picked up 12,200 backlinks from over 1,400 referring domains.

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Congratulations! You’ve Just Won 115,000 Backlinks

115,000 backlinks / 6,000 referring domains

If there’s one angle that always seems to help sites attract links, it’s hosting awards.

USAToday’s provide 10 winning spots for their awards in a variety of ‘readers choice’ categories.

10 Best have a panel of travel experts who select 20 award nominees for categories such as food, accommodation, destinations and equipment.

It’s then left up to the audience to choose the winners by casting their votes online.

Due to the large variety of topics to vote on, this section has clearly peaked the interest of people and businesses alike, shown by the 115,000 backlinks to their awards page from almost 6,000 different websites.

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Areavibes Take a ‘Negative’ Angle in Order to Go Viral

39,000 facebook shares

I’ve written more about this topic in quite some depth if you’re interested in just the on example site I’m covering here. If that’s you, you can click here.

For whatever reason, we seem to like reading about misery as much as we do success.

A website named AreaVibes has capitalised on that by not only focusing on the good things about this world, but also the not-so-good things about it as well.

You can find plenty of articles on the best cities in the world or a specific country, but what about the worst?

They published an article on the worst places to live, which was shared over 39,000 times.

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This Newsletter Generates More than $320,000 Per Month

561,000 subscribers / 600,000 monthly visitors

I recently wrote a very detailed (pun intended) article on newsletters and ‘niche deals’ websites. You can read more about the topic here if you’re interested.

Scott’s Cheap Flights shows that you don’t have to build a blog to share deals. You can do very well ‘just’ running a newsletter.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that deals websites can get a lot of traffic, but I really like the angle of honing in on a specific niche.

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