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How Using Satire Led to 43,000 Facebook Shares in One Week

43,000 facebook shares

If there’s one content angle I’m scared to try myself, it’s satire.

If you can write something convincingly enough that people know it’s fake but they have some doubts, you can find people sharing your story in the millions.

I’ve written more about succeeding with satire here.

Recently a blog named McSweeney’s wrote about how they only hire staff who are 23 years old because old people don’t have many creative ideas.

In less than a week the article has been shared on Facebook more than 43,000 times, undoubtedly sending a lot of first time visitors to the McSweeney’s website.

There is a lot of discussion these days on diversity when hiring people (even down to their age), so not only was the article cleverly written, it was also written at the perfect time.

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