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Updated September 6th, 2023 by Glen Allsopp
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If you’re familiar with my article on the 16 companies dominating Google then you’ll already be familiar with a brand called Valnet.

They’re behind sites like ScreenRant, Collider and Gamerant, which combined pull in tens of millions of visitors from Google each month.

Today they added to that portfolio with the acquisition of How-To Geek, a site they claim reaches more than one million visitors per day.

That number is a lot higher than I would have guessed but they’re not going to make something up in a press release and their estimated numbers in both Ahrefs (search traffic) and SimilarWeb (all traffic sources) are huge. The latter estimating 16M monthly visits.

I won’t dive into their top ranking keywords to be respectful, but it’s pretty clear from a quick look at their homepage that their focus is to bring in as much search traffic as possible. The articles on the homepage don’t really “flow” from one to the next — an article on the launch of a new laptop is followed by a guide on “how to hit your daily step goal”.

A few other stats from the acquisition announcement include:

  • Over 20,000 articles on the site
  • More than 60% of traffic is desktop
  • The site was launched in 2007

Valnet CEO, Hassan Youssef, added “We are honored to carry on How-To Geek’s vision, apply our playbook and supercharge this beautiful brand to become the greatest of its kind.

I don’t think it’s right to dive much into the founder of the How-To Geek – he openly associates himself with the site on his personal website – but I did find this last sentence funny:

At least there’s confirmation the acquisition happened in May, but was only announced today.

Here’s Where Things Get A Little More Interesting

As far as I can tell, this acquisition doesn’t include other sites in the How-To Geek “network”, such as ReviewGeek and, which have the exact same website structure and footer (just different branding and colour scheme).

In fact, right now on the homepage of How-To Geek you’ll see links to recent ReviewGeek and LifeSavvy Articles:

If these sites aren’t part of the acquisition – and there is no mention of them in the press release – then I imagine those links will be taken down pretty quickly. Unless of course there’s some financial deal in place to keep them there.

As part of our private database where we track 100+ media brands, I actually had How-To Geek as part of LifeSavvy Media.

While it’s probably just a case of them not updating their main brand site very often, there’s no mention of the acquisition there:

I’m going to assume How-To Geek was the only site in their network part of this acquisition and founder & CEO Lowell simply has a successful formula for building out niche sites so he’s replicated it elsewhere.

I really hope it was a great result for him.

Update: June 21st, 2023

It looks like a manager of How-To Geek confirmed on Twitter that the acquisition also involves

I’m surprised this wasn’t mentioned in the press release, but it’s nice to get some confirmation.

Valnet Network

We currently track 34 sites for Valnet:

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